Zack Neal in Memory of a Great American Outdoorsman

Zack Neal was working hard and doing all the right things to secure a pro staff position with Bad Poncho Outdoors when his life was cut short by a careless driver a year ago. Though greatly missed he will not be soon forgotten as shown by the support for and from his family and friends, the whole community has really come together to celebrate his life and mourn the loss of this exceptional young man.

Zack NealWe at Bad Poncho Outdoors will be giving Zack a permanent pro staff position so others can be influenced by the way he lived his life for many years to come. No one can deny this mans dedication to the outdoor lifestyle and all that that entails.

For those of you that never had the pleasure of his company please read what Jessi Pavey has written about her memories of him.

Zack Neal passed away July 30, 2012 at age 24. Today marked the one year anniversary of his death and while life has still gone on for the rest of us it is forever changed for everyone he has touched.

Zack was the guy that you called when you needed a good laugh, he was the one that you turned to when you needed help moving, and he was the one that could be found one of two ways…either painted up and in full Camo gear ready to go hunting or wearing nothing but his shorts and ready to jump in the boat.

0730132014Neal had many friends and family, most of which fell under the same category because let’s face it, if you were a friend of Zack’s you were treated like family and yes that means you got both the good and great side of him from the pranks, to the 2 a.m. phone calls if you were lucky enough to be his friend/family you were getting every side of him and everyone that knew him was more than happy about that.

There is a lot to be said for his grandparents, who always had time for Zack. It is no wonder he was the way he was. These are the type of people that would give you the shirt off their backs and feed you a great meal if you needed it.

For the past year I have watched all of his friends and family do their best to honor Zack and at the same time go on with their day to day life, which is hard to do when you lose someone that brings so much joy and life to you. They speak often of him out working and pulling up to his grandparents’ house in his semi because he knew Grandma had made some fresh bread. His grandma laughs every time she tells the story of him running in the house, grabbing food and off he was again. The sparkle in her eyes say it all, he was and always will be her little man, the one that brought her the most joy. I have also heard his aunt tell stories about him being her hero.

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