Yet More Pure Magic From Patrick Sebile

The word “magic” is not an exaggeration when taking about the Sebile Magic Swimmer soft bait, for example; we had thought we had fished out one of our magic fishing holes, finally as a last ditch effort we decided we would throw the Magic Swimmer, just to see how magic it truly was. This was on a tournament day and the lake was overcrowded with anglers that were more than capable with their skills to beat us, we guarded our spot closely, as to not give it up to anyone else. This lure was a key part in allowing us to keep catching fish out of the same school almost all day long. The lure’s ability to be power fished fast and straight, slow and steady, or even twitched in a kind of finessing way gives the lure an action for almost every fish’s mood. We only had one pack of these to test so we used then sparingly but for the time fished the lure produced as many, if not more big fish per hour than anything we have ever fished before. Period.

The ultra-realistic looks of the bait are only amplified by the insanely real action no matter what the retrieve method.

At first glance you might think that the lack of a tail on the lure might mean that not much action would be present, but you would be wrong, we found that it is just the opposite. The water resistance being more toward the front of the lure gives it a wicked thump with a steady retrieve. The lack of a fishy looking tail also allows for a killer dying fish action when twitched. The three piece style of the lure makes sure it swims at a wide range of speeds. As if the action of the Magic Swimmer wasn’t enough, the colors and finishes are nothing short of awesome. Let’s see; a wide range of speed control, natural actions from straight to spiral death rolls, AND colors that can’t be beat, what more could you ask for? How about depth control? Of course Sebile thought of that too. Using a variable weight system that comes in the package, they more than have you covered. The Magic Swimmer flies as good as it swims with exceptional castabilty. The last thing I would like to note about the lure is the weedless abilities. So don’t be afraid to throw it far into heavy weeds and hold on.

Sebile has been known to win many awards for his innovative lures, without taking things to the point of gimmicky or quirky, just solid fish catching must have lures for every application. Sebile is now a part of Pure Fishing and at I-Cast they did it again in 2011, more awards for more killer lures. I am sure we have not seen the last innovation from these guys. Take the time to check out the new crank-baits for this year they are going to be awesome.

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