Yellow Perch Tagging Operation in Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Sportfish Research Group is tagging a new species…..the beloved Yellow Perch. The Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) is an incredibly important gamefish in Saskatchewan so we are very excited to include the perch in our catch-and-release research program. Please keep an eye out for these smaller tags while fishing – you may not notice them initially. If you happen to catch one of these tagged perch (or any other of our tagged species) we would love to hear about it. Here’s what we would like you to do:

  • Record tag number/code (3 or 4 digits, e.g., #0001, or #A090) and color (blue, red, yellow). A quick cell phone picture of the tag works great for this.
  • Keep or release the fish as you normally would, no need to treat tagged fish differently.
  • Email, Facebook message, or web submit the tag info to us. Email address is on the tag.
  • Please tell us: tag number & color, species, location, date, kept or released, and any comments you have about fish condition. We love pictures of tagged fish too!

For more frequent updates on the research program please visit Dr. Somers’ website ( and follow us on Facebook (

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! Feel free to share with you fellow anglers. Good luck on the ice!

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