Wreaking HAVOC With The Pros

More often than not lately I have been tossing rubber instead of hard baits, not because conditions are tough but because Berkley made them so fun to fish! With the market so saturated with plastics it still amazes me that Berkley still finds ways to come out with new products that somehow make anglers stop and pay attention. This is even more prevalent in their latest line, the HAVOC series.

The Deuce

This grub was designed by the legend Gary Klein to be one of the best jig trailers available. In the past companies have made the tail larger, thicker, even twisted it; while all that may be well and good, they don’t compare to what The Deuce brings to the table. The legs on this grub are truly something amazing. When Gary sat down to design this bait he somehow came up with a way to crimp the legs to give them a totally new action. Even when slow rolling our spinnerbaits or bouncing our jigs the legs go absolutely crazy and the bass can’t stand it! If you are looking for the latest in trailers The Deuce should be on your radar, and any of its 10 colors should more than suffice.

Craw Fatty

Bobby Lane is one of those guys that look to make everything he touches better, which means that the classic craw just won’t do. Berkley did Bobby’s bidding by producing a craw with a thin body, big ribs, and a wide profile, all of that means that it manages to slip through heavy cover and still have a big enough profile to give that monster largemouth the nudge she needs to smack it. To top it all off Bobby put some flapping pinchers on it to ensure the fish won’t be able to turn it away. The Craw Fatty is a must have for any angler looking to replace their old-timey artificial craw.

Grass Pig

This 5″ swimbait is another fish catching machine dreamed up by Big Fish Bobby Lane to simply catch fish anytime, anywhere. Bobby Lane is all about producing a bait that can be used in practically every condition to catch that monster kicker. The large paddle tail creates a massive amount of disturbance in the water; match that with the ribbed sides that allow the Grass Pig to move around with lifelike action you don’t have to worry about passing up on those smaller fish, all while catering to the big one. The size of the Grass Pig is the perfect compromise for any angler to give this a shot in any of the 10 colors.

Devil Spear

With a guy as crazy as Mike Iaconelli you know that he has even crazier bait designs in mind, which is showcased in Berkley’s new HAVOC Devil Spear. When designing the Devil Spear Ike wanted to start fresh, removing all former thought of “ADD MORE APPENDAGES” he gave it a single tail that flaps in a vertical fashion instead of the industry standard horizontal. The major advantage is it can be fished with virtually every technique. With any of the 10 colors you will surely have all the fish goin’ Ike!

Slop Craw

Skeet Reese really hit the drawing board hard when Berkley asked him to design his idea of what plastics should be. Possibly of on the more interesting ideas of his is the Slop Craw. This little guy comes in at 3.5″ and it a bit chunky, in a good way though. Skeet designed the Slop Craw to use a special keel so that it will easily punch through the heaviest mats without collapsing onto the hook. The small pinchers give the slop craw the stability needed to trick those monster bass. One of the first things that we noticed when we picked up this bait was that is resembled a tube, something that gives the Slop Craw a truly unique set of attributes.

Pit Boss

Perhaps one of the best flipping baits on the market today the Pit Boss was another creation by Skeet Reese. The Pit Boss offers the ability to mimic both baitfish and the bass favorite, crayfish. Thanks to the four very active appendages this bait moves a lot of water whether it is Texas rigged or crawled up your favorite jig. With any of the 10 colors available you can rest assured that you will be catching fish in no time!

Wide Load

This piece of plastic is something that rarely leaves my rig, it has quickly become my personal go-to. The Wide Load at first glance is big and bulky at 5″ but once it hits the water it is hard to beat. The massive tail at the rear of the bait is there for one reason only, to move water. When Skeet designed this particular bait he did it to totally replace the classic “Brush Hog” design, and he did it flawlessly. The thing that amazes me with this bait is that when I rigged it up the first time I thought to myself “I will be passing up those smaller fish, but hopefully it will pay off,” well, two casts later a 12″ largie had the entire Wide Load down its throat. Having success like that so quickly on a fish that I more-or-less ruled out was a huge surprise. The main feature on this bait is of course the tail, the cool thing about it is that Skeet though enough into it that once you take it out of the package you can quickly split the tail and give the bait twice the flutter.

Bottom Hopper

The shaky worm style has been around practically since the beginning, and has remained untouched, until now. Berkly got the General himself, Larry Nixon to redesign the classic Shaky Worm. When the General finshed his work on the Bottom Hopper he ended up with a 6 ¼” and 4 ¾” sizes. These produce the best action in their class due to the thinned body and enlarged tail section. The Bottom Hopper is an excellent choice if you are looking to replace that tired Shaky Worm you are using now. Be it drop shot, Carolina rig, Texas rig, or wacky rigging the possibilities with this worm is endless.

Berkley nailed it when they asked some of the most iconic anglers to design their dream plastics, the results are something will stick in the industry for years to come. While we do have our personal favorites out of the line they all are something to pay close attention to. You don’t want to be the angler fishing against the guy who has these on the end of his line. Get yours today!

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