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Hey Everybody!

You may have noticed that we haven’t been posting much on the website, which is because we are working on bringing you content that is less commercial and more “how-to” if you will. Another reason for the lack of posts is our store, over the past few weeks we have jumped up to over 200 products, encompassing everything from spinnerbaits and rods on down to trailer keepers. Let’s go over that stuff real quick before I get into too much else.


The product lineup is growing larger just about every day which takes up a good chunk of my time. With that being said I am also having a lot of my time being taken up by doing web/graphics design for a few companies, one if which will be receiving a spin-off comic series that will be illustrated by my fiancée Shayla. Below are a few examples of the characters, let us know what you think!

We do have a few product reviews lined up as well, one being with Jeremy Balsley who did an awesome Angler Skins necklace for us. We also will be running a review on the new Fenwick Elite Tech Smallmouth rods, something we have been looking forward to since the announcement. I will also be running an overview of the Denali Rods Rosewood Series which, may I say, is pretty impressive. Last on the list at the moment is Think Tank lures; they have come up with a steerable top water lure called the “Triggerfish”.

Now onto the how to articles. These articles will be part of a “how to fish” series, this series will start out with How to Fish Tournaments on a Budget, this will go over getting into tournament fishing with things like the rods, reels, line, lures, boat, and electronics. This will be followed by How to Fish Tournaments Like A King, this will be the opposite, we will be looking to have some high-dollar equipment that makes sense.

We are always open to suggestions! Drop me an email at badponcho@badponchooutdoors or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/BadPoncho.

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