War of the Mosquito Repellents: ThermaCELL vs OFF

I’m one of those guys that as soon as I walk outside the door mosquitoes are attracted to me, I find this irritating  while whoever I’m with thoroughly enjoys it because they are left alone. Thanks to my lovely wife I was introduced to the OFF Clip-on insect repellent.


This little guy was only five bucks and was well worth it. The unit overall is fairly quiet, light, and scent free. For outdoorsmen these qualities can make or break a product, while OFF didn’t design this gizmo for fishermen it is a decent little toy for us to have. There is a downside though, being as it is only $5 they don’t last nearly as long as their counterparts from competing companies, the OFF Clip-On lasts for roughly 12 hours and though they are they are reusable I found them to have little to no effect if left full and inside the unit turned off.

For $24.99 ThermaCELL has a unit that emits earth scent which is ideal for hunters looking to mask their human scent and repel mosquitoes. The ThermaCELL only lasts for four hours at a crack and require two pieces to work. The first is the repellent mat, these come in a 12-pack for $16.99 and the other part is a butane cartridge which comes in a 2-pack for $6.79. They say the butane lasts for 24 hours but 12 hours is more likely to be a safe bet, the mats go for 4 hours


and can be stored over long periods of time.

In my experience the ThermaCELL is a better working unit but at five times the costs to get into it plus the extras it makes it into a pricey unit. The ThermaCELL covers a 15’ x 15’ area while the OFF Clip-On only covers roughly a 4’ x 4’ area. Overall the ThermaCELL is a better long term investment and nearly the only way to go for hunters due to the slight scent from the OFF while the ThermaCELL can mask scent.

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