VMC SpinShot Review

Over the past few years drop shotting has become increasing popular, and with good reason.  Recently VMC came out with the SpinShot, a killer piece of terminal tackle that gives me a new idea every time I take a peek at it.

The system is based around the SureSet drop shot hook which is an amazing value in itself, 12 hooks for $4, one heck of a deal if you ask me. Starting with a strong platform and moving from there is always a good plan.

VMC SpinShotYour run-of-the-mill drop shot setup involves a palomar knot which is often too short and uses a ton of line each time you need to retie, the SpinShot gets rid of all that and utilizes a bent wire with a free floating hook, a simple system that works for multiple setups.

During our time on the water with this rig I didn’t bend the hook point up like I normally would with the competitors hooks and even after this review goes up I still won’t be bending them. VMC got the angles right when they produced the SureSet hooks. As I stated earlier the system is actually just a bent wire with no swivels, but the swivels aren’t entirely necessary like you’d think. The hook and lure spins around the wire which eliminates the need for the swivel itself.

Recently VMC came out with the SpinShot in a EWG while the EWG works great for drop shotting a Texas rig setup we also had success using it as the leading hook in a donkey rig. Your standard donkey rig runs with a free floating swivels on the mainline which can get tangled rather easily, this isn’t the case when using the EWG SpinShot. I was honestly rather surprised with how well it worked and I will be adding it to my day-to-day techniques.

Overall VMC’s SpinShot is a great value and the standard drop shot hooks are an even better value. I would recommend these to every angler, serious or not, the price point and the overall quality of the product is there and then some.

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