VMC Gliding Jig Review

The engineers at Rapala and VMC have been hard at work, with a slew of new products coming out in the 2016 season it’s time we take a look at one of the more unique offerings from the VMC lineup.

VMC’s Gliding Jig comes in two major styles, the willow and the Oklahoma. The willow blade design allows the Gliding Jig to quickly fall with a rapid flashing motion while still giving the angler great controllability by changing out the plastic trailer. If deep water is more your style then the wider and shorter Oklahoma blade will give you a slower side-to-side fall, this would be ideal for schooling bass while the willow lets you quickly cover water next to cover.

IMG_1806Being offered in two weights, seven colors, and coming two per pack means you gave options when selecting a Gliding Jig for your needs. While the seven colors are extremely gorgeous the two you’re more likely to use would be the Gold and Silver variants due to their ability to be darn near universal in any water clarity and with virtually any trailer.

These jigs are usually rigged with a finesse worm when casting next to docks though we had great success when throwing on a fluke and slow rolling it back to the boat. The cast and retrieve method gives you a scrounger head style shake but with the added flash. When it comes to tossing the Gliding Jig next to docks what I’ll do is throw it on a spinning rod, then drop the rod tip at the same rate of the fall of the jig. The action of the jig varies heavily on the tautness of the line.

The Gliding Jig might not be a big fish bait but it will help to establish a pattern as well as possibly picking up a few fish that just won’t bite a texas rigged worm or weightless senko. One of the major pros and cons of the Gliding Jig is its weight, the heaviest weight available is 3/16oz which means you’ll likely struggle to throw these stand out jigs on a baitcaster and we hope to see 3/8oz versions out there in the future to remedy this problem.

If you’re on the fence on buying a pack or two of the Gliding Jigs do yourself a favor and grab a pack of the 3/16oz in Gold Willow. This combination seemed to be the most productive for us on several different lakes when paired with a finesse

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