Veritas: The Goddess of Truth is Upon Us

Abu Garcia seems to be going nuts with the latin, not that we are complaining, the language just sounds epic. The most notable Abu Garcia rod that we found though is the Veritas; latin for truth, this rod is truly awesome.

The Veritas may have an ancient name but it is packed with the newest technology, from the grip to the tip. Abu pulled out all the stops with this rod, it has even got the attention of pros like Mike Iaconelli and Brandon Palaniuk. If this rod can last a year in Iaconelli’s boat then you know it is quality.

On the note of being able to take punishment, the Veritas uses 30-ton graphite construction. This means that the rod utilizes a higher grade of graphite which results in a lighter and more sensitive rod. Abu decided to take it the extra mile though, they added their Nano technology, this provides 2.5 times the impact resistance, which makes this rod way less prone to cracking and dinging. To top it all off they decided to top the graphite with a coat of white paint, the white makes it so much easier to find your rods in the dark and they break up the outline better when looking up toward the sky.

The foundation of the rod is totally solid, but now it’s time to move on to the grip. The grip uses a high grade EVA foam, this foam is possibly the best we have had the chance to use, and we have played with more than a couple. In order to ensure you get the maximum amount of feel Abu not only cut out the rod from the reel seat, they totally split it! Yeah, if you think that one finger on the rod’s surface transfers vibrations well, then you need try it when you can get multiple fingers on the surface.

When it comes to the reel seat they decided to upgrade to a one piece double anodized aluminum screw down system. This system ensures that it won’t stretch and morph, like it would with the standard plastic system.

To complement the reel seat Abu threw on titanium alloy guide frames with SiC inserts, this allows for a balanced and light rod design. We also have to make note that the number of guides and their location allows for smooth casting and retrieval. The ability to cast and retrieve easily allows the line to last longer and allows the angler to cast farther, kind of hard to complain about those points.

After a long day out on the water the last thing you want to deal with is the hook keeper breaking off, which is never fun. Abu Garcia decided to take a more solid route by using a texas-rigged hook keeper. This style of hook keeper makes it so that it is stronger and easier system to use, without scratching that ever-so sexy finish.

We have to say, this rod is just flat out cool. We can definitely see ourselves going out and buying some more of these rods in the near future. Keeping with the personal note our test model we used was a 7′ MH with a fast tip, we find this rod to be a perfect candidate for frogging, but with how light it is and how you can feel every bit of the lake we could see using this rod for every bait.

Get one of these professional grade rods yourself for under $100 by clicking the image below!

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