TWA Sports Weed Guard Review: Tipping the Scales

Finding a truly unique product that we either haven’t seen or used is rare but the TWA Weed Guard fits into both of those categories.The Weed Guard is a remedy for some of the common issues with some even more common techniques. The guards are mainly designed for plastics but in a short time we found a dozen more uses.

Federale Tipped with TWAThis simple looking silicone cone does an amazing job of making your lures slide through vegetation, rocks and bushes. The added benefit of keeping your worm from bunching up will make your presentation more effective throughout the length of your cast. We have all had to tug or pull the lure hard to get over a piece of cover and therefor ruining a cast. Sometimes this will scare the targeted fish away resulting in a lost opportunity. Even if the fish doesn’t leave the area the time wasted readjusting the bait and re-casting could be enough to keep you out of the money in a major tournament, and nobody wants that.

Another feature we really like is the fact that they can act as a pegging system for your weight or bait keeping the lure and weight together for a more realistic compact presentation. We found when used with a soft frog or toad bait it tends to keep the nose up so the line won’t dive under the mats again meaning the lure is more effective more of the time. The TWA Sports Weed Guard system will surely enhance any texas rigged presentation from topwater to very deep ones.

The installation of the weed guard is simple and quick and won’t need to be removed or replaced to re-tie. To retie simply slide the guard up the line tie and slide it back down onto the bait. Really the only time you will need to thread another on your line is if you chose to change color or size. The fact that they are medical grade silicone means they are almost indestructible; we have yet to tear a single one. The pliable nature of the material lets it fit most any lure.

Advantage with a TWAWe didn’t stop at soft baits while testing the TWA Sports Weed Guards, one of my favorite lures for many years has been the Johnson Silver Minnow this weedless wonder can be used in almost any cover and with the addition of this weed guard can literally be used in any cover no matter how thick. When a swivel or snap is used on a weedless lure it can get clogged or snag, the addition of the TWA Sports Weed Guard will eliminate this almost entirely. We have found new uses for this product every time we pull it out, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits performances are both enhanced with its use.

Bass love jigs, that is a statement no one will deny. Jigs used around rocks need to be retied often because of the heavy hardnosed jigs banging up the knots, this weed guard will protect your knot, less retying means more time with your bait in the water meaning more fish. I bet you are thinking of many other uses for this product right now aren’t you? This is not the last you will hear of this product. Now is the only chance you will have to be the first on your lake to have them so act now. It will likely cost you less than five bucks a season to add this to your arsenal what a bargain.


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  1. you didn’t say where to purchase?

    • Team Bad Poncho

      Apologies! At one time there was a link but we had removed the link due to an email from TWA Sports. This product has since been taken off the market.

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