Turn Vexilar Flasher into a Digital Depth Display

The DD-100 is Vexilar’s first smart digital indicator display that offers both digital depth and a battery indicator when you push the “push to test button.” The DD-100 will work on all Vexilar FL series of flashers, including older Hondex, Si-tex and Micronar FL-8 models. Vexilar’s new DD-100 gives anglers what they have been asking for, “Digital Depth!” This indicator will become a standard piece on all future Pro and Ultra Packs, but can also be purchased as an added accessory.

Vexilar DD-100The digital depth display will always give you a depth reading as long as your Vexilar FL flasher is turned on and the transducer is in the water. The digital depth portion of the indicator will work even if you’re not in the correct depth range. This will allow you to get your flasher in the best depth range possible. If your display is blinking or the depth numbers are going up or down rapidly, it could be that you’re over a huge school of fish or baitfish OR the bottom is irregular.

When not in use, the indicator goes to “sleep,” so you no longer have to worry about draining your battery when not in use. However, we still recommend that you disconnect your power when not in use for over long periods. Current draw: 124uA (micro amps) when off and 21mA (milliamps) when on.

The DD-100 was designed to fit in place of the popular D-130 or T-130 battery indicators which Vexilar has been selling for years. You can easily outfit your Pro Pack, Ultra Pack or Genz Pack with the DD-100. The DD-100 not only gives you digital depth, but also gives you the battery status by pressing a button.

The only time you will see a battery status is when you push the “push to test button.” The battery status is given in percentages of voltage remaining in the battery. For example, if you push the “push to test button,” and it reads 70%, that means your battery is at 12.2volts. 100%=12.7volts, 0%=11.0volts.

A few other points to remember with the new DD-100…
This is not a charge indicator
Digital Depth readings will not always be 100% accurate due to variable conditions. It will not work in Low Power mode or with units equipped with s-cables (S-140 suppression cable)
Display lighted for use after dark.
Water resistant
Works with all 12 volt batteries in conjunction with Vexilar flasher
Max depth of 199ft
Will not go shallower than 3 feet, but will read 3 feet regardless if it’s even shallower
Will not be able to do an air demo with it. You need water to make it work

Installation: Simply unplug your transducer from the back of your Vexilar and plug into the DD-100 connector. Take the other end of the DD-100 and plug it into the back of your Vexilar. Attach the red power lead from the DD-100 to the positive terminal post of your battery. A “piggy-back” terminal has been provided for easy connection for the Genz or Pro Pack units. If you have an Ultra pack, please go to the Vexilar web site for detailed mounting instructions. Finally, place the DD-100 where the old battery indicator was and attach with either plastic push pins or use a small #6 bolt and lock nut.

*Please note – Depth readings may not always be 100% due to variations of bottom content such as rock, sand, mud or weeds. Large amounts baitfish or huge schools of fish may also alter the actual depth read out.

Voltage to percentage chart:
>12.4v = 100%
12.4v = 90%
12.3v = 80%
12.2v = 70%
12.1v = 70%
12.0v = 60%
11.9v = 50%
11.8v = 50%
11.7v = 40%
11.6v = 40%
11.5v = 30%
11.4v = 20%
11.3v = 20%
11.2v = 10%
11.1v = 0%
>5v = No night light
>3v = No LCD

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