Triggerfish Steerable Topwater

The guys over at Think Tank lures have come up with one of the holy grail of fishing lures; a steerable topwater bait that really works. We have all seen baits that run to one side or the other but for the most part you were not able to change the direction of a lure without bringing it in the boat and tweaking it to make it go the other way. The Triggerfish lure that Thinktank has put out not only goes to the side but once you get the hang of it you can make it go this way and then that way all on the same cast. The video that we saw really got us thinking “Man we have got to try this one”. Watching this lure steer it’s way around and through rocks or trees is simply amazing.

Triggerfish - Steerable Topwater Lure
With paint like this the Triggerfish mimics a baby bass almost perfectly

Not only does the Triggerfish have the Z-trieve steering technology but it still offers more that we have never seen before. The extra that it offers,as if being steerable is not enough, is that you can make it barrel roll and even dive and then jump out of the water. Pretty cool right? You get all this action in a lure that is in a shape and finish that fish will love to bite. They have all the classic colors covered from fire tiger to ghost and a bunch of others in a quality finish that will rival any currently in your box. The shape is a shad type that will perform well on most any game species you might want to target.

Mastering the use of this lure is going to take some time but with the plastic buzz-blade on the back while you practice you are sure to be catching fish along the way. Fishing the Triggerfish in a swimming pool is as much fun as I have had throwing a bait in a long time. The time spent learning how to make the Triggerfish do its magic is time well spent. With the water temp being in the 30’s I was sure the fish were not ready to hit top when I was out with this bait but still fished it for over an hour because it was so much fun seeing what it would do. It is amazing to have so much control in a topwater lure.

You have to check out the video of this lure to appreciate the magic that is the Triggerfish to get the full affect words just can’t do it justice. The video is sure to make you think “How did they do that”? You can take advantage of the Z-treive technology by going to Think Tank lures and getting your own. Just think, this way, that way, dive, jump, roll and splash can be in your future. Triggerfish is the perfect name for a lure that does just that Triggerfish!

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