NBC Pulls out of SHOT Show and Ends “Under Wild Skies” Sponsorship

Upon flipping through various press releases this morning I noticed a little note to the side, one that really shocked me and yet made me chuckle. NBC is pulling out of the SHOT show and also removing their ad on NRA’s “Under Wild Skies.”

Under-Wild-Skies-Tony-Makris-leadNBC is “Citing “business reasons” NBC Sports has confirmed to Variety magazine that after several years of supporting the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trades Show (SHOT), it will not be a sponsor in 2014. An NBC Sports representative told Variety “…this January we will not be sponsoring the show because it does not make business sense for us at this time.” NBC Sports execs will, however, be attending SHOT to “meet with clients.” Those “clients” will not include the NRA’s “Under Wild Skies” – Variety also reported the network had pulled the plug on that show after host Tony Makris shot an elephant in a September 22 episode and then compared critics of the shooting to Hitler.”

Now, for me this is two-fold. I believe NBC pulled out due to the verbal shock of Tony Makris comparing anti-hunters to Hitler. I will say that may not have been the best analogy with the assumption that anti-hunters aren’t racial genocidal maniacs. They do however have their own agenda, as do we, it just so happens the hunter’s agenda is the freedom to do as our forefathers did.

From the aspect of being pro-hunting I will say that the costs and benefits of bringing these hunters over to Africa is astounding for the local peoples. The average hunt runs roughly 30,000, this doesn’t include the $1,500 license fee, travel, lodging, food, and guide. Most people don’t realize that the hunter harvests the animal, takes the tusks and possibly hide, and leaves the thousands of pounds of meat to the locals.

This process injections thousands upon thousands of dollars into the local economy and helps to keep traditions alive in these cultures.

In my opinion Makris shouldn’t have used the term “Hitler” but should have went on to explain the need to affirm our rights as hunters and tradionalists to keep doing as our fathers before us. Afterall, in today’s world we need a little bit classic in our modern lives.



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