This Jackall May Be An Invertebrate, But It Ain’t Spineless!

In the past we have looked at Jackall’s hardbaits and have been more than impressed, but this time we are going to check out some plastics. The piece of plastic in question is the 5.5″ Ammonite Shad.

Like a couple of sharks the Ammonites circle their prey.

The Ammonite at first glance looks like your average run-of-the-mill homemade swimbait, but upon the second look you realize the Ammonite Shad is like a Ferrari. When I say that I mean once you start to look at the details they all come together to make something special, something raw.

Jackall gave the Ammonite a shark-like profile; wide and strong. Moving from the nose of the bait to the first ¼ we get to the first pivot point, this is where the action of the bait ends. Down the back and stomach you can see the hook channels, offering a flawless texsposed presentation. Just behind those hook channels, we come to a place where Jackall did something commendable, they gave the angler the ability to easily use a glass rattle. Moving just past the rattle pocket and you meet up with a very unique tail joint. The way Jackall mated the tail to the body enable full motion of the tail to entice those monster largemouth.

When fishing swimbaits you usually have to ensure you have the perfect weighted hook otherwise the bait will just rollover, that’s not quite the case here. The Ammonite Shad offers the ability to be rigged weightless and still produce some killer action. Personally my favorite way to rig the Ammonite Shad is to mate it up to an appropriately colored swim jig after cutting off an section of the bait.

Overall in our experience with the Ammonite Shad is that it is a big fish bait, but don’t let that discourage you for using it to get a quick limit of 2 pounders. The ability to use this bait for big fish and to fish it in virtually any way you want give the angler the option to change the style of fishing on the fly which can save time and effort. Get your Ammonite Shad 5pk today for $5.99 by clicking the link below.

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