This Ain’t Your Everyday Baitfish!

Here in Michigan it is uncommon for angler to throw the hyper-realistic swimbaits due to often having poor water quality, but as we found out, having super clear water isn’t always necessary.

After receiving the Swimming Ninja G90 we headed out to Gun Lake to see what it is all about. After a day of frustrations we finally got onto the water and off we went! As we were drifting from flat to flat we saw a crappie that had been attacked by a pike, this crappie was the same exact size as the G90, which instilled a bit of confidence for us. Even at that though we couldn’t help but think that “Man, this just seems too big for a 12″-14″ bass”, but we were proven wrong. As we approached that floating crappie we saw that it was starting to shake, then it disappeared and a 12″ largemouth emerged from where the crappie was. After that we had a whole new confidence in this foreign style of fishing.

Enough storytime for now though, let’s talk about the bait itself. The obvious starting point would be the exterior of the bait, the first impression is the unrivaled detail of realism, but once you get the swimming ninja in your hands you notice the ultra-soft plastic, the crazy thing about this though is the strength in it even though it is crazy soft! Having that super-soft exterior can be important when trying to completely fool a bass into biting and holding on. If the size still has you worried though Jackall thought far enough into it that they put a hook eye on the bottom of the bait which is perfect for a treble hook, personally I like a red treble there but that is just me. As a final “ah-ha” from Jackall they put on a new paddle tail design, this gives the Swimming Ninja G90 the most realistic swimming motion on the market.

Once you move to the features inside the lure though that is where it all comes together. As with other swimbaits on the market this one does come with an internal weight, but there is something very special about it. With the way that Jackall did the internal weight it allows the bait to sit vertically on the lake floor which makes it perfect for using around beds.

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