theHunter to Add Dogs in Update

Howdy hunters,

This status update is going to be a wee bit shorter than usual, as the whole team is busy working on the feature we’ve hinted and teased you about. Yes, it’s dogs! Almost all of you deciphered the carefully hidden canine sounds in last week’s video. We’re glad you picked up on it!

Dogs being added to theHunter has been one of the most sought after features within the community since the game’s release, which makes sense given the fact dogs are logical companions for hunters in real life. In our last community survey as many as 63.13% of all respondents prioritized dogs in first or second place as a new feature, and we saw similar numbers in our previous surveys as well. The dog was the winner, hands down. They’ve been asked about in an AMA and in the forum and we’ve always stated that the implementation of dogs is a huge project since the feature has so much potential, so we really wanted to do it properly. So, we finally decided to take a stab at it. As we’ve mentioned, there has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears poured into it and we are now in the final stages of development. The release date has not yet been decided but let us say soon. Here is a sneak peek render for you.


As you can see, our first dog will be a Labrador Retriever and his function will be to help to retrieve your birds (Canada Geese, Mallards and Pheasant). We’ve decided to introduce the retrieving dog first, since it was the most common suggestion when the discussion about dogs came up, but we are open to developing different breeds with various hunting functions if the feature proves successful and we can see that you like it and want more. When working on the retriever, we wanted to create a loyal companion who would follow you wherever you go and do all the fetching work while you’re shooting. Apart from the new bird retrieval gameplay, your dog will also have its own name will feature his own XP and stamina systems, skills, interaction with the hunter, etc.

We’ll leave all the details for later, but so far we’re excited about this new addition to theHunter. We hope you enjoy these screenshots (remember, this is still a work in progress) and let us know what you think!

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