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Over the past few years outdoorsmen have been getting more and more into gaming, but that doesn’t mean that the outdoorsman games have gotten better. A small company in Sweden sought to fix this particular issue for the avid hunter, the project became known as “theHunter.”

This project strived to achieve maximum realism while allowing the player to have the joyful experience that is gaming. In order to give the players the joy and experience that is hunting they took the time to use realistic AI and animal modeling. Not only did Expansive Worlds strive to make the game beautiful and elegant, they took the extra step and added the Boone and Crockett guys to the game.

The Website

The first thing you see when you enter theHunter realm is the website, while you do have to download the game the website is needed to actually launch the game. This is one the places where this game really shines at getting the player to feel the rich experience. When you first get onto the website and login you will be faced with a customizable profile, on the profile you can chose what the public sees, there is also an

option for a private profile.

Unlike any other hunting game this one offers the element to have a friends list so that you can brag to your friends within theHunter website. This includes having receiving missions through you message system, for the avid gamer these are like quests to play within theHunter game. While you are bragging to your friends and receiving missions you can also compete against the rest of the word to earn em$ which is used to purchase gear if you do not wish to spend real money. This is perhaps one of the coolest features because let’s say you win first place, after you win you get granted the em$ + a trophy to display on your profile for extra bragging rights. You can also take this a step further and shoot to become in the Hall of Fame, where each “season” a hunter with the farthest shot and the largest animal are both put up in the Hall of Fame.

Now that you have the profile made and have familiarized yourself will what you are in need of to place up in the top tier and what you need for your missions it’s time to either pick up some tags and weapons, or you can hunt for free for the mule deer. But should you want to hunt with extra gear you can pick up the gear at Doc’s Outfitter, this is a pretty cool feature that makes it feel like you are shopping on an outfitters website. Here you can pick up new guns, a bow, a treestand, camping supplies, ammo, callers, and other equipment including clothing.

Before you get out in the field you can also head on over to the community forums and ask around for tips that will benefit you greatly in the world of theHunter. Some people of the forums have even taken to putting waypoints where they have harvested animals and others have made videos to give pointers on to maximize the potential of your hunts.

So you have some information on where to go and how to get there, but before you head out there is one more thing you need to take a look at, the map. The map is vital to keeping track of where you want to go and where you have been. On the forums there are places that have the map in a PDF format; I would advise printing that out and marking your spots where you have harvested animals. When going to enter the hunt you need to choose which lodge you want to start out at, this is very important because the world of theHunter is absolutely massive and it is constantly growing.

When Boone and Crockett partnered up with theHunter is added a whole new scoring system to the game and totally changed the web client. The amount of detail in the approach at this part is truly awesome. All I can really say about this is check it out; they have this available for every B&C species.

After a successful hunt of course you are going to wanna show off your animal right? Well with the ingame digital camera it is possible and best thing, the pictures you take ingame go to the gallery on your profile so you can efficiently show off your hunts.

The Game

Sure the website is an important element of the game, but the real treasure is the game itself. When you first enter the world you will be greeted with a beautiful environment full of gorgeously rendered animals. Let’s take the time to check a couple screenshots.

As you can see the graphics are spot on. But if the gameplay was anything less than stellar then there would be no point in even checking out the game, sorry ladies and gents but that just isn’t the case. The game is absolutely brilliant. Without the animals acting like they do then the game wouldn’t be as realistic as it is, and trust us, the game is realistic. We have spent a good amount of time sitting in towers waiting for that monster elk to walk across the field, we have also had our fair time spent walking around fields popping up pheasant.

While there sure isn’t everything in the game, there will be, that is the amazing thing about Expansive Worlds, they are constantly working to expand the world that is theHunter. In 2011 they are looking to add Moose, Bear, and a plethora of gear. We will be showcasing every new addon and we will be posting up our adventures of the game to show you what this game is all about.

This game is a MUST for any hunter, and by the way, pay the $60 for the Trailrunner package, you won’t regret it. Check out the game by clicking the image below.

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