theHunter: Culling The Cow

Adventure #1

Preparing to leave the Darkwood Lodge at 8:00 AM go depart north the farthest permanent stand on the Redfeather Falls reservation I packed everything I would need for a successful hunt, an elk call, elk scent spray, and my adored .300. Before departing though I received my goal for this hunt from “Bull”, one of Doc’s friends. to cull an elk from one of the towers.

After the 1km walk to the stand I sat and waited for that trophy elk to walk on by, the only problem was that I can easily get distracted. With my unisex elk scent wafting through the air, time slowly slipped by with only the sight of largemouth swimming back and forth, up and down the creek.

Finally, 45 minutes had slipped by before I heard a sound, I could faintly hear the call of a game animal, but, it didn’t sound like an elk. Another 15 minutes passed and the creator of that sound slowly walked out of the woods, right near the path that I took to get to the stand. As the animal slowly appeared I saw that it was a whitetail, but didn’t know for sure if it was a buck or a doe. With the thought that I stil may be able to salvage the hunt and harvest a buck I raised the rangefinder to my eye, only to be disappointed. The doe that was approaching winded me as I was watching her. Time to head back to the lodge.

Adventure #2

Departing from the lodge this time I decided to head north again from the lodge, only this time stopping at the southern stand in the northern half of Redfeather Falls. On the short trek to the stand the voice of a cow elk bellowed out. Slowly making my way to stand, crawling ever-so quietly as to not make a sound or allow the cow to see any part of me. I climbed up the rickety wooden ladder, with rangefinder in hand I glassed the lake and the surrounding pines. As I glassed the lake the sound of footsteps broke my concentration, turning around slowly I spotted a herd of cows directly behind me, only 50 yards out.

With this being my first and possibly only chance to cull a cow from the heard I quickly made the decision to take advantage of the situation. Loading a single Nosler AccuBond round into my trusty .300, with precision I shouldered the rifle and gained sight picture. With one squeeze of the trigger the bullet pierced through the neck and the left lung, dropping the 600lb cow in her tracks.

After claiming my cow it was time to head back to the lodge and show the guys and gals at the lodge that a cow had been culled and I was ready for my next mission. Upon returning to the lodge I got my next mission; harvest 7 bulls, I do suppose that is still better than tracking down the elusive chocolate black bear.


Being able to immerse yourself inside the world of theHunter is one of the beautiful things about the game. In so many of the hunting games you don’t get the chance to fully experience the environment because you are constantly being thrusted into the center of the action. theHunter offers the unique gameplay that some may find unexciting, but others, true hunters, will find it exhilarating to just sit and listen to the bird chirping, see the fish swimming, and to wait for that giant Boone & Crockett whitetail in your treestand with bow in hand. Over the past few weeks we have been meaning to write up an article on theHunter but we here at the office have often lost ourselves in the game. Myself for example, I have spent over 80 hours in the virtual woods of theHunter.

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