The Fred Arbogast Jitterbug Can Still Dance

The biggest accolade I can think of for the Jitterbug has got to be that it has probably caught more nighttime bass than any other lure ever produced. In the over fifty years that the Jitterbug has been on the market the lure has lost none of its effectiveness. In fact it just keeps getting better with new models that have new paint, shapes and even a clear lip. There is no doubt that a classic lure like the Jitterbug has earned a place in every tackle box whether amateur or pro. Just because the Jitterbug is known for those impressive catches at night that doesn’t mean they don’t tear it up in the middle of the day. The coach dog pattern will get hits in the daytime even in clear water.

I guess we should talk about the versatility of the lure. The basic action of the lure is the most noticeable from fast to slow or even stopped it is enticing. The plop, plop, plop, splash sound of catching a bass on a Jitterbug is one of those things you will always remember. That plop, plop, plop comes with a side to side wobble that fish just love. Making the Jitterbug produce its magic is very easy just wind it in unless you want to make it more complicated then you can really make it dance. When retrieved very fast the lure kind of skitters across the surface making it effective for open water or clear water. For darker water or the shallows around cover a very slow retrieve with some pauses might be in order, this lure performs well at any speed.

The Jitterbug is one of those must have must experience type of lure. If you want to get someone addicted to bass fishing the Jitterbug is a good start with explosive strikes and ease of use. Not many lures can say they have stood the test of time in the way that the Jitterbug has. Over fifty years relatively unchanged because it still works. I bought my first Jitterbug 30 years ago and still today have several in my box at all times because when it is time for topwater fishing nothing dances like a Jitterbug.

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