The EGO S2 Slider Boat Accessory System For 2013

The Ego S2 slider net and boat accessory system that we used during the 2012 tournament season was impressive to say the least. The system soon became one of those things that I really missed when I had to fish with someone who didn’t have it in their boat. The net is only the beginning of what is available from Ego that will make your time on the water more productive and enjoyable.

We all wish we could carry more stuff in our boats but have to make certain sacrifices because of space limitations. The S2 slider system gives us the opportunity to carry more helpful accessories and still not eat up too much of our precious cargo room. The new attachments for 2013 will prove to be welcome additions that are well worth the small amount of space they require to carry with you.

The base for the whole system is the extendable handle that comes in three sizes so there is one that is perfect for any boat. The three piece design means you get a longer reach that stores in a smaller space than any other on the market. The speed and ease of which the handle extends has definitely helped us put more fish in the boat.

Seventeen choices of nets give every angler the chance to have exactly the net that is best for the size and type of fishing they are after. The nets vary in both size and the material of the netting, so you won’t have to make any compromises to use this system. They also have many different shapes of nets to fit any personal preference.

Now we need to talk about some of the extras that put this system leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. All of these screw to the same pole making it a multi-purpose tool that uses the space of one.

The EGO boat hook is one that I didn’t think I needed until it was in the boat now I use it all the time. My favorite use for the hook is for retrieving marker buoys and duck decoys. I was amazed how much quicker a hook on a long pole makes this task. Not 72040A_BoatHook_Fullhaving to lie down on the deck and reach for it saves a lot of wear and tear on the body. During docking this little gem can save stress on you and your boat.

The EGO knife though I don’t use it often is a lifesaver when needed. Perfect for cutting weeds off of a snagged lure or a wrapped up trolling motor will save precious time. A weed choked outboard can be freed up without having to get wet, that can save the day in cold weather. The super sharp blade is r72045A_LureRetriever_Fulleplaceable and available from EGO.

The EGO lure retriever has removable chains to fit the needs of different lures. It only takes a couple of uses for this accessory to pay for itself. The retriever is much safer than reaching your arm into a hook rich environment and chancing a hook in the hand. The long reach handle means deep snags are no problem.

The EGO gaff hook has a kink in the design to keep fish from sliding around as much. Again it fits on the EGO pole so you only need to carry one handle.

For bigger boats the broom or one of the two mops that fit the system will help you keep your boat tidy.

The EGO S2 slider system with all the extras will be on my boat this year. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.




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  1. This looks like an excellent marine product to have on board during a boat trip, we are all challenged for space whenever we are on our boats because there is always something else that needs to be stored on the boat.

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