The Best Place In The World To Hunt

I have spent a lot of time pondering this question. Many places came to mind, I considered Saskatchewan for huge bodied whitetails with massively thick chocolate antlers, maybe, how about Argentina for big numbers of doves and unique big game opportunities, man that’s another good choice. Then there’s Australia for great waterfowl opportunities at birds I may never see anywhere else. Wait, I can’t forget Africa! We all know why to hunt Africa, more than one book can be written on that subject alone.

A buck taken in 1990

I know what you’re thinking yeah sure these are all great places to hunt but they are very exotic and very expensive. Even with all of the possible exotic experiences these places don’t compare to my favorite place in the world to hunt. Though hunting for exotics in a far away land is a once in a lifetime experience that should never be passed up if given the opportunity. For me the best place in the world to hunt will probably always be, and I know this may shock you but here it is, my grandma’s back yard! Although the deer are smaller, rabbits fewer and less acres to roam. There are many experiences that might never be duplicated in a land far away.

There are some precious gifts available at the family farm that you just can’t get anywhere else in the world. What can compare to your grandmas fried potatoes with onions, bacon, and eggs before a day of hunting, add a grandma hug with a good luck kiss that makes for a good day whether you see game or not. Then there’s grandpa sipping his coffee looking out the rear picture window telling you all this week’s animal activities. Of course he thinks the big one will be at your stand with plenty of shooting light left. Stories like this just keep you excited and on your toes from dawn till it’s almost too dark to see.

Dragging my buck out of the woods

You might think that might be enough to keep going home instead taking an out of town, state, or country adventure but there is still the icing on the cake. That being going up to the house after a good shot and just knowing gramps is more than happy to help you track your newest trophy. Along with this help always comes a handful of tip and tricks. Some new and some you’ve heard 100 times hoping to have the chance to hear them 100 more.

For some of you I realize these days may be long gone, if so it might be your turn to be the wise old man giving much needed guidance and support to our next generation of outdoor enthusiast. When scheduling your next hunting season consider spending some time back where you first fell in love with the outdoors. Thanks to grandma and grandpa for all the great memories that keep me warm in my treestand and will for many years to come.

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