The Angler’s Hub Adds Advanced Angler to the Lineup

On May 7, 2013 Advanced Angler will be joining The Angler’s Hub family, joining the ranks of Bad Poncho Outdoors, Wired2fish, and RahFish. With Advanced Angler coming on board The Angler’s Hub moves toward a complete community effort. Advanced Angler is known for their excellent how-to content with the help of top BASS and FLW pros.

The Angler’s Hub will feature reviews, how-tos, and other content from the Advanced Angler website in conjunction with the pre-established content already available. The newest addition to the “Hub’s” lineup will be videos, Advanced Angler is home to some of the best videos on the net so stay tuned for more good news for the community brought to you by the Angler’s Hub and all of our partners!

You can sign up for The Angler’s Hub by visiting and don’t forget to Like us on Facebook at

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