Technology Makes Fishing More Accessible

Our friends over at Wired2Fish posted up an article titled “Did Paper and Chips Make Fishing Too Easy” back in 2010 and happened to share it again recently, the title in and of itself got me a little fired up. Honestly, I don’t know why I got fired up so quickly over something so opinion oriented that really has no bearing on anything, but that is the world we live in.

Terry Brown went into talking about how GPS enables anglers to hole poach easier and with the advent of Hot Spot maps how lakes can get beat up. Terry also went on to mention that technology is causing a larger gap between the old school and the new school, but I don’t think it stops there.

It’s been said that the boat doesn’t catch you fish, well that’s partly true, the boat might not do it for you but your electronics can. Technology not only separates the generations of anglers but also the classes of anglers. Being able to afford the latest and greatest will offer you advantages over the less affluent anglers but that doesn’t mean that old guy throwing around a nightcrawler can’t catch them as well as you can in your 21ft, 250hp bass boat.

Speaking from personal experience I started fishing at a late age while my father had been fishing nearly his whole life. If it hadn’t been for modern technology I wouldn’t have been able to “catch” him when it comes to catching fish. Growing up I had the plan of going into the information technology field and I have the certifications to prove it. This background allowed me to quickly jump into the newfangled electronics and keep on par with him and the other guys in the field.

Mapping software like the Lakemaster Contour Elite offer me the ability to make Hot Spot maps on the fly, putting in the species and conditions I am able to find where fish should be and work from there. The new Humminbird Onix shows off the SmartStrike software which allows anglers to do this on the water, not that I haven’t been known to take a laptop to the lake.

I guess what I’m trying to say is yes, technology does make fishing easier, but isn’t that a good thing? In my mind it means fishing is more accessible to new anglers and isn’t that what we want?

I would like to thank our friends over at Wired2Fish for running such a top notch site and for being the good sports they are!


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