Taking Advantage of Extreme Flash Technology

At Bad Poncho Outdoors we are always excited about new technologies, especially when it is applied to one of our old favorite lures, in this case the spinnerbait. You might think that everything that could be done to such an old standby would have been done by now, but Advantage Bait company has found a way to make your old favorite noticeably better. The reason the spinnerbait has been so effective for so long has got to be the flash; nothing throws out flash like a spinner blade. Well then you have got to assume more flash would mean an even more effective spinnerbait and the Advantage spinnerbait is out to prove just that.

Extreme Flash Technology (EFT) is what the new Advantage blades bring to the table. They are laser etched to put out more flash and in a wider pattern than any other blade ever produced thus far. These blades can be purchased pre-rigged on a premium readymade lure from Advantage or you can buy the blades separately to upgrade a lure you are already using. One of our favorite ways to take “advantage” of EFT is to use them on the back of a swim jig with a small swivel. As much as we like the Advantage spinnerbait at this point they are only available in 3/8 and ½ oz sizes and in 6 colors. This does however give you the chance to be the first in your area to build your own EFT spinnerbait of any shape or size by purchasing the available blade packs. In a copy-cat world it is nice to see a company come up with a unique and innovative American made product that they can ride to success. Bravo!

Check out the high quality blades, shirt, and head. In our opinion the bait totally warrants the price.

There are other advantages to getting yourself the full effect Advantage spinnerbaits, they have a premium built full welded collar silicon skirt with built-in trailer. The welded collar means there is going to be no slippage of strands so the skirt is going to be even and perfect for the life of the lure. The collar also leaves the skirt perfect for reuse if you need to change the skirt color of a bait. The built in trailer is a great feature as it means there is usually no need to clutter the hook with a plastic trailer. If you do feel the need to bulk up the bait with some plastic there is a keeper barb on the hook shaft as well as the separate skirt holding collar.

The head of the Advantage spinnerbait comes in 6 highly detailed patterns with realistic scale patterns and big 3D eyes. Terminally speaking the swivels are premium free spin design although with the great traction the EFT blades get they would spin well on any swivel. The hook is a Mustad Ultra Point that has a no compromise strength and sharpness. The blade separator is of a spring design to avoid the vibration dampening of a plastic. With all of the best components they were not just going to throw this in a bag with a card stapled to it they put it in a reusable floating tube that displays and protects it well.

The Advantage spinnerbait is a premium innovative product that will easily earn its place in your tacklebox. The price is not cheap but it is plenty fair for what you get for the money. They are available at some retailers and online at Advantagebaits.com or Badponchotackle.com.

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