Swiftwick Brings Out the Best in You

With the Bassmaster Classic show still fresh in our minds we feel the need to give a big shout out to one of the surprise stars of the trade show, Swiftwick. No they don’t sell lures or rods, but they know everything there is to know about compression socks. We had no idea how much we needed their products until we tried them.

The Taylors and Mark ClevelandOur team was sold on this product almost immediately, the first day of the trade show was only half over and my feet were already killing me, swollen and sweaty we almost walked past the Swiftwick booth. Thankfully we stopped to hear their pitch, at the time we had no idea how much of a positive effect that stop would have on us for the rest of the show. The effect was profound my feet felt better at the end of the day than they did in the middle of the day when we stopped in with our crushed cotton socks.

The first thing we noticed was the air flow, every step seemed to breathe life into our tired feet. Being dry makes such a difference in comfort but we had no idea. My old socks just got more moist as the day went on leaving me miserable by the end of a long day on my feet. Being dry was just the beginning of the Swiftwick sock experience there is so much more.

Swelling of the feet is a big problem whether on the deck of a boat or running around the floor at an expo. I can’t overstate how much more productive I felt I was wearing these socks; sore feet slow you down dramatically. Three 12 hour days I never stopped to sit and rest, my thighs were aching but my feet felt great. Whether working a trade show or just trying to enjoy a day with the family hunting bargains and meeting the pros; sitting to rest might mean you miss something profound. Swiftwick allows you to make the most of any day.

When running, biking, fishing or hiking how many times a day do you stop to pull up your socks? If you don’t take that time you risk your socks bunching causing blisters or other pains and that can ruin not just that outing but also the next one. I spent 12 hours a day on my feet moving at a feverish pace with absolutely no slipping or bunching. Before Swiftwick I had no idea this was even possible, bravo Swiftwick and thank you.

To find out more about these fantastic products visit Swiftwick on their website they truly do allow you to “do what moves you.” Glad you found your way into the fishing industry we needed this.

I wore the Pursuit socks while my son wore the Aspire socks and we will be ordering more soon!

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