Swiftwick Arm Sleeve Review: Brace Yourselves

During the 2013 Bassmaster Classic in Tulsa we were introduced to Swiftwick socks, as were other professional anglers which included Aaron Martens, Luke Clausen, Kevin VanDam, Boyd Duckett, Timmy Horton, Kevin Hawk, and Charlie Ingram. A star-studded list right? Every one of those guys agreed with our review article on the socks, but some of the other anglers also had the chance to check out a little bonus piece, the sleeves.

Swiftwick Arm SleeveRepetitive motion is killer on your elbows and arms, this goes for whether you are fishing, tinkering with cars, or working your day job. We pitted the sleeves to the ultimate test for sweat, compression, fit, and its ability to act as a brace. My father works as a painter during the day, as many of you know painting is all repetitive motion which takes its toll over an eight hour work day, especially after five days. While he was painting I was sanding on Project Gemini boat, another perfect example of the same motion over-and-over for hours on end.

When my father came home it was almost eerie not hearing the complaints about his elbows or even his shoulders. I can also attest to the usefulness of the compression, not only did my arm not kill after a long day of sanding I also didn’t have to re-adjust the sleeve like some of the other arm braces. The sleeve isn’t necessarily meant to be used as a brace but we can’t ignore its usefulness when a quality brace is needed.

The Swiftwick brand was originally designed for cyclists, runners, triathletes, and other super-physical sports, the adaption to the fishing industry is something that just works and it’s not something we’ll be complaining about because well, the anglers on the water wearing the Swiftwick arm sleeves know the benefits of such a simple looking sleeve.

You’ll notice I said simple looking. The material itself is the only Nobel Prize winning fiber, known as Olefin. This material retains less than .01% of its weight in moisture which means it gets rid of sweat and water fast, so fast that it floats. That material in conjunction with the tunnel shape to prevent bunching, half density mesh at the elbow, channels, and bicep cuff produce an arm sleeve that will have nearly infinite uses and will last even longer.

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