Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

When it comes to the zombie apocalypse nobody is safe from anybody, I mean you need to watch out for yourself in this situation. Over the past few years pop culture’s fascination with zombies has exploded thanks to movies and shows like: The Walking Dead, Zombieland, Land of the Dead, and of course Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.

These films and a few of the books like World War Z have interested people enough to where the thought is actually implanted, the “what if” thought. Human beings have experienced plagues in the past and if you think of reanimation as a plague then through the oddity of nature anything is possible. Whether reanimated or “brainless” hordes they all present one problem, you need to survive and so does your family.

If you are going to take this seriously there are a few things you need to look at:

  1. Shelter
  2. Defense
  3. Nourishment
  4. Community

It is my firm belief that these fall into that order of importance, let me explain why and how I intend to do so.


Protecting yourself, your resources, and your community is of utmost importance. In my opinion this is best done using a cement building or underground shelter. If you are going underground it is important to remember you may be trapped there for years on end, stocking food and water can and more than likely will be the deciding factor in how long you stay in that shelter.

These shipping containers can be purchased for $1,500 including delivery

It is also important to note that once things go bad you are more than likely going to need to use generators; these generators need to have exhaust ports to the surface and fuel. Speaking of which if the infection is spread through the air then a filtration system would be beneficial though with the power needed it could cut off and may stop air movement which may present a whole new host of problems.

Most people in the survival circle use old shipping containers for underground shelters and a welder to connect them, this is actually a great idea since it allows them to make a network of shelters that can be locked down if done correctly. You do want to be able to access the topside in the manner of a tower to ensure you can see far enough to ensure you have no threats nearby or if there are threats you can then neutralize those threats.

This concrete tower should have a ladder to access the shelter and a rope ladder or removable ladder to get onto the ground; this leads me to my next point.


When it comes to defense you have to start with fortifications, which is where the concrete tower comes in handy, you want to ensure it is tall enough to where the infected cannot get in but no so high that if you need to jump you will injury yourself, 20ft should be plenty.

This tower should have a clear view of a field which should contain choke points to funnel hostile people or infected. Once the hostile targets come into view that is when your next piece of defense comes into play.

Weapons, of course, play a crucial role in keeping you and your people alive. Guns can be efficient but they present the problem of noise. The noise created from gun fire can possibly attract infected and it could also attract bandits, two things that could cause problems. Bows and crossbows may result in a better choice for silent takedowns even though there really isn’t a replacement for a good gun in a hairy situation. Below would be my weapons list for such a problem:

  • .22lr – Ruger 10/22
  • .223 – AR15
  • 9mm – Glock 17
  • .308 – M1A

I selected these calibers for a variety of reason, let’s start with the .22lr. Ammunition is cheap, you can get a Bucket O’ Bullets from Remington for $230, this is 5600 rounds, two buckets and you should be set. A .22lr can take out a pig at around 30 yards, that tells me that you can take out a decaying corpse at around 50 with relatively small issue, and if it is a bandit problem then you can lay down fire like none other! You also have to figure that .22lr is one of the most popular rounds found in the United States. A .22lr handgun may be beneficial as well. If sound is an issue to you a case of subsonic rounds could be on your list.

A .223 may be another great choice because it does have the knock down power to take down a full grown man, which is why it is a NATO round, that power in a relatively low recoil means smaller people can use it to defend themselves and the group. The .223 has got to be one of the most popular rounds now thanks to law enforcement and military endorsing the round which makes it extremely accessible in a situation like this. For about $330 you can pick up 1000 rounds of American Eagle which is Federal ammunition. These do not need to be high quality ammo since you will be hitting targets up close.

The 9mm fits into this as well because of how popular the rounds it is. More-often-than not the 9mm will do the job and do it well. For around $190 you can pick up 1000 rounds, this should is actually a great economical round because of its popularity and it power. This is also a lightish bullet which gives you the maximum mobility if you need to be on the move.

The Mosin Nagant can also prove to be a cheap and reliable option for many survivors.

If you need to take the target out at a distance there really is only one major round to use, the .308. This has been the round of choice for militaries around the world for years simply because of its power. The .308 isn’t the most economical at $200 for 500 rounds but it will do the job that some of the other guns just won’t do.

When it comes to being quiet though you really have one choice, a bow. These silent weapons can put down the infected in a hurry if you are a good shot. I would utilize a 55lb compound loaded whatever arrow was available at the time, they don’t need to be high dollar and a field point should do the job.

The bow also comes in handy for finding something else you need as well.


Preparing canned/non-perishable foods in your shelter is one of the things you want to look at doing as soon as possible because if you start now coupons and savings can be your friend.

Foods like this will keep your group alive for long after the outbreak.

Another thought on that is if you have an air pollutant then there is a possibility you cannot eat some of the foods left by other people, the air pollutant also could have infected the meat of animals as well.

Having this food in an area where it will remain sterile could be the deciding factor of whether your group survives or not. However, this food should remain untouched until your standard food supplies are depleted, meaning when coming to the shelter unload your kitchen into a bag or box and begin with those supplies first!

Agriculture played an important role in human civilization from the start, with that being said you would need to dedicate a good chunk of above ground to this need since it may be your only renewable resource. This should be done in a secure greenhouse.

That greenhouse does have a flaw though, use of water. Water WILL be your saving grace no matter what you do water is needed. I would begin by buying a bunch of bottled water, this can be actually be purchased relatively cheaply if done in bulk.

Once you get through that water though you will need to look at a purifying and clearing water. A Katadyn Water Filter System has around a 26,000 gallon capacity per filter life which won’t last long if we carry on using water like we do. The average household uses 127,400 gallons of water for things like showers, washers, dish washer, toilets, and baths. In this situation this would need to be cut down drastically, only showering when absolutely needed. Emergency water tabs may also be something on your list to clean the water in your canteen; one tab will do around a quart of water.


A scene from The Walking Dead, a perfect example of a strong community

Having a strong community is something that many people may not consider when looking to protect themselves and their loved ones during a zombie outbreak. A strong community means you can depend on the person next to you to protect you and your family, and you theirs, this sense of strength will help the younger generations feel as though there is more hope for the future.

It is known that if people are alone for long periods of time they can develop social anxiety and other mental illnesses which may result in aggressiveness. This may be because if you are alone for long periods of time you often have time to self-reflect upon your moments you are not proud of in life, this may be the reason for the aggressiveness.

All in all the survival strategy depends on your local environment and laws.

Thanks for reading and happy Halloween!



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