Still Too Hot: Yeti Rambler 20oz Review

It has been said that coffee is the liquid of life, if that’s true than the Yeti Rambler is the chosen chalice for that liquid of life.

Yeti is well known for their high-end coolers, these cools tend to hold ice for days on end which can save you money and peace of mind. Thanks to the technology leaking from their coolers into their Ramblers we are now able to hit the water at absurd times of the morning with hot coffee and keep that go-juice hot all day long, and I mean all day long. Let me take you through a day on the water with me and my Yeti.

Bringing your Yeti to the party is a great way to dial it up a notch!
Bringing your Yeti to the party is a great way to dial it up a notch!

The alarm clock buzzes at 4:00am, rolling out of bed to chase the alarm clock I knocked off the end table I arise to the smell of coffee that has been percolating since 3:30. Slowly stumbling my way through the halls toward to kitchen I grab my Yeti Rambler 20oz off the dish rack, fill it with coffee and a splash of creamer before dropping the suction lid in place. At this point I’m struggling to find my clothes for the day. Usually by 4:30am I’m grabbing a cup of coffee that is now cold but not with the Rambler, with my Rambler I’m sipping my still too-hot to chug coffee. Come 6:00am its 40 degrees and I’m on the boat moving to my spot, still lightly sipping my steaming coffee before setting my cup back down into its nearly freezing cup holder. At this point I’ve struggled to hook up and its almost noon but I still have hot coffee I can finally take a real mouthful of before allowing it to warm my body and soul.

I guess the point I’m trying to get at here is that the Yeti Rambler series isn’t just a coffee cup for me, it’s a piece of my equipment I rely on to keep my charged throughout the day. Having hot coffee that was poured at 4 in the morning all the way through the day is a luxury I thought we’d never be able to afford. The Yeti Rambler isn’t only a fantastic way to keep your lifeline hot, it is also an excellent way to keep water ice cold throughout the night.

We are constantly filling the Rambler with about half a cup of ice and the rest with water, this will usually keep ice from roughly 10:00pm to roughly 8:00am. Thanks to this handy feature I no longer have to run downstairs to get ice for the wife when she’s craving ice cold water in the middle of the night.

At this point it’s hard to see life without my Yeti Rambler, it’s become a part of me thanks to its ability to keep my favorite drinks at the perfect temperature. Perhaps the one thing I might consider noting is that the Rambler isn’t spillproof, it’s close to it but due to its lid design there isn’t a way out of the package to have a spillproof Rambler, but you can buy a lid to convert it. Like the spillproof lid you can also get a straw lid that is a perfect accent for those long nights next to the fire with your go-to adult beverage. If you’re interested in checking them out a little more click here!

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