Stankx Bait Custom Plastics Review – Best In Custom Show!

Stankx Bait Company is a plastics company founded by Travis Crossman in our hometown of Kalamazoo, MI. Not wanting to settle for the standard colors and textures of what was available they thought they could do better and I would have to say they were right. Their product profiles are that of proven fish catchers with the added benefits of personal attention given to every order.

Stankx NXTLVLStankx was not satisfied with the standard recipes that everyone else was using, they tweaked the formulas for each bait offered until they came up with something profound. Tweaking consists of some plastics being softer for more action while others receive a suit of armor for durability. As with most other plastics companies Stankx began with a sole product and has since expanded the lineup to showcase beauty in many forms. The Stankx line of products covers a bass fisherman’s needs for quality plastics.

The quality of these products are second to none, and at a similar price the other guys sell cookie cutter “custom plastics”. Most of the other custom plastics companies out there give you a standard color chart and offer a formulation straight from the book, what Travis does goes way beyond that. The colors they offer are all their own and are well thought out with the fish’s wants being the most important factor. The consistent quality of the Stankx product is truly impressive, great job guys.

The standard colors offered by the Stankx are beautiful creations that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. These awesome color options are just the beginning to what they do. Stankx also offers a line of ultra-quality super custom baits they call NXT LVL airbrushed plastics that will simply blow your mind. The patterns on these baits are similar to that of those expensive Japanese baits but hand made by real people here in MI that are dedicated to pleasing their customers for a lifetime. They are not a fly by night company they are willing to do whatever it takes to insure their future success.

The cost of Stankx products has been kept fair by letting the product sell itself, very little is spent on advertising. That has not stopped them from supporting our local bass club and a program to get kids fishing. These are really good guys that deserve all the success they have obtained. I could ramble on more about these products but the pictures say it all much better than I ever could. Check out



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