Sometimes EGO is a Good Thing

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment an angler can have is a net, but net technology hasn’t advanced in years, until now. EGO took a note from the construction industry and beefed up a top-of-the-line painter’s pole, a perfect fit for the fishing industry. Being painters ourselves we have had something like this on our minds for a while but the execution has never fully been there, EGO figured it out though.

The S2 system is one that will quickly become a mainstay in just about every tournament angler’s boat thanks to the features that save us time, energy, and lost fish. The system that we received was the 29″ model that extends to 60″, that extra 31 inches has already come in handy more times that I can count, especially when it comes to bigger critters like northerns. Before we received the S2 system I never really thought too much into changing traditional nets due to the fact that they do infact work, that was until I grabbed my old aluminum net. Now by instinct I slid my hand up the net shaft and tried to extend it, it may not seem like something that you think about until you use it.

EGO has created a product that I personally can fully endorse for a few simple reasons. The product itself is exceptional, and as of April the second generation slider net hit the market with various improvements to add strength and reliability. Not only is the product a strong product but the customer service is just as exceptional as the S2.

You may have noticed that I refer to the S2 as a system, not a net. The S2 is a system in that you can also attach a cutting tool used for cutting vegetation around your trolling motor or lure, a gaff, and a boat hook to help navigate the docks. A personal tip from us at BPO is to pick up a squeegee or a broom head that will work perfect with this system to keep your boat deck spotless. It is for this reason that the S2 system won Best Accessory at the 2010 ICAST, and since then they have come a long way to make this product even better.

The S2 system comes in at around $75 for the net that we tested, for that price it features a nylon net with non-tangle PVC coating that gives the advantages of a rubber net with the low resistance of a nylon net. For $75 some angler may be worried about it going overboard, but don’t worry because they float! Get yours from for just $25!

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