Going Batty Over Solar Bats

What’s the first thing you think you will need when it is time to go sight fishing for bass in the spring? Rods, reels, line, and lures will all serve you better if you have a good pair of sunglasses to spot your quarry before they spot you. I have been using the Solar Bat LA series with the PNVXD Mossback gradient lenses for about two weeks now and I would have to give them a lot of the credit for my early season success. There are several things that a pair of sunglasses needs to do to be considered a GOOD pair of glasses. These Solar Bat glasses performed well in every category. We tested four pairs of polarized glasses from makers we all know during the early part of our Michigan catch and release bass season and all performed well in most areas we considered. That being said I will be wearing the Solar Bat glasses I mentioned earlier for the rest of the season. Here’s why.

As a fisherman the first thing I need in sunglasses is good consistent polarization. The proprietary EMC polarization is encapsulated within the lenses so it will never peel or scratch off. This provides the ultimate in polarization and blocks all harmful UV wavelengths. Polarization is what allows you to see in the water, so yes it is that important. Protection from flying hooks is another important feature and these PNVXD lenses exceed U.S. government standards. They might even escape this worst case scenario unscathed due to the double thick scratch resistant coating. Fogging is an issue with glasses that I just can’t put up with because it affects my fishing too much. These PNVXD lenses on the LA frames didn’t fog and provided great wrap around coverage. For me this takes them from a good pair of glasses to a great pair of glasses. Along with fogging usually comes slippage but not with these frames they have TCG (Total Comfort Grip) no slip pads formed into them that actually grip better the hotter they get.

The Mossback Gradient lenses color is highly recommended they out performed all my expectations. The Mossback color does a good job of separating browns from greens and that really helped to spot fish much better than standard grey lenses. The Mossback color is well thought out and right on the mark for my fishing glasses needs. Then there is the Gradient part of these lenses, this I wasn’t so sure about at first but in use it was awesome. As the sun falls behind the clouds or you turn towards or away from the sun you’re going to love the wide range of conditions the gradient of the lenses covers perfectly without having to make any compromise or taking any time for your eyes to adjust to the new light levels. The Gradient of the lenses is something you won’t even notice while you are wearing them but you will be very aware of if you have to be without once you try them. This is something I think will become more popular in the future simply because of how effective it is.

Feature after feature these Solar Bat LA series PNVXD Mossback Gradient sunglasses impressed me. They come with a microfiber bag and a semi-ridged carrying case to protect your investment. Providing comfort, protection and performance made right in the USA I can’t say enough about them. And they look cool too.

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