So You Like Teeth, So Does Ty!

When we launched Bad Poncho Outdoors we did so to bring out experiences to people’s attention, but what we didn’t expect was for other people’s experiences to come to our attention. The most recent person we got involved with is a guy named Ty, at first we got interested because of the amazing inline┬áspinners that he produces, but once we heard his story it push to an emotional breaking point, we love seeing somebody step up and take care of their family, especially after a major setback.

Usually we take pictures ourselves, but in this case it is better to show you what these bad boys can produce!

The beautiful thing for us when it comes to Ty’s lures is that they are really our first encounter with inline spinners but they sure aren’t his first encounter! When Ty produces these lures he does so in a very deliberate manner, he has spinners for virtually every freshwater species and some may even spill over into saltwatery goodness.

Us being Michigan anglers we can easily identify with Ty’s love of as he calls them “Toothy Kritters.” Now, the reason we avoided using inline spinners for those species is because of how easy it can be for a 35″ Northern to chomp through the line, well, not anymore! Ty fixed this problem by starting with a sturdy 30lb wire. This system allows for some flex in the line while providing an almost pike proof system, but it doesn’t stop there! This setup also helps with keeping those hard fighting fish by taking the stress away from the hook point itself and moving it down the line. Lastly, due to being a single hook design it allows for the use of a chunk of bait which can dramatically help to provide you with more numbers out on the water.

What are you doing sitting here reading, get out there and check out Ty Gy’s Lures and be sure to post up your catches on their facebook wall!

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