Snow Has Hit

Now that it’s the first of December the snow has hit the ground here in Michigan. Like many others we have taken the boat in for winterization, though in my case it was sent in repairs. Some anglers look forward to the first snow, to some it signals the start of ice fishing.

While I have never really had the chance to partake in ice fishing I will admit it does interest me. This is an area that neither myself or my father have really tread into, but this might be the year. With such a successful season of catching sizable northens you may also want to try and get out on the ice. Those of us who are not interested in ice fishing there is some things you can do in the off season. While many anglers will be out hunting others may be designing their own baits for next year’s season or visiting some of the various shows around Michigan.

Over the off-season there will be a few fishing shows in Michigan;

Ultimate Fishing Show Detroit – Jan 13-16 2011
Grand Rapids Boat Show –  Jan 16-20 2011
Grand Rapids Sport, Fishing, and RV Show – March 17-20 2011
Spring Boating Expo – March 17-20 2011

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