Slinging Art

With the frog bite being as hot as it is down in Alabama there is no doubt that those Guntersville bass have seen every frog on the market, well, all but one.

In the oh-so rightly named city of New Era, MI; Balsley Lure Company is producing a new era of tackle using old school methods. Each one of Jeremy Balsley’s baits are hand-carved, which does mean a premium price for a premium product. When looking at these baits they just have a look to them like you don’t want to get them wet, simply because it would be a shame to bust off a true piece of art.

The lure we received was a Ball Frog. Upon opening the package I couldn’t help but crack a smile and move the package all around to get a better look at every angle of the bait. The instant impression of these hand-crafted baits will also be your final impression; they are beautiful and precise. This frog is something that is unique enough but yet “normal” enough to not be totally foreign to anglers, it utilizes an eyelet that allows for any hook to be used off the back of the bait. The “stock” hooks choices are a 2/0 EWG hook that allows the angler to rig the bait up with just about any piece of rubber to produce the desired splash, or if you choose to throw in open water you can opt to get a #2 treble hook put on with the option to feather it!

If the ability to have a choice of hooks on your lures is enough to get you itching to check these out hold still for just one more second. You can also choose the color and size of the eye of the bait, this offers users to truly personalize their hand-crafted lures, as it should be!

Get yours today!

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  1. Thank You Bad Poncho Outdoors I will try to get video of the BallFrog in action, it is the most snagless frog out there todate. The Bass Love them.)0)(((><

  2. Just received my 2 BallFrogs in the mail. I’m amazed with the attention to detail.

  3. Thanks Nathan I will Cuctom make you one any time 15.00 plus 5.20 shipping)0)(((><

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