Skipping Docks with Robert Taylor III

Originally Posted: August 20, 2013 on The Angler’s Hub

Here in Michigan, like most of the country, bass tend to group up into schools under docks during the bright bluebird days. We spend countless days on ultra-clear water (10-20ft visibility) perfecting our skipping techniques to get where other anglers simply can’t get to. The secret isn’t technique nearly as much as it is equipment.

When starting out I would heavily suggest a 6′ 6″ spinning rod spooled with Berkley’sSkipping Docks Nanofil. Nanofil comes off the spool better than any other line on that market that I have used for this technique, I personally pair the Nanofil with a Pflueger Patriarch and a Daiwa Triforce X rod. A higher quality reel is important since you will be fighting fish in tight quarters near possible “suicidal” pieces of cover. With this setup I then use a Mustad Big Mouth though a Gamakatsu Skip Gap hook may be more mainstream, this hook goes into a Snack Daddy Lures Elite Tube. The Elite Tube can be skipped weightless and texas rigged which means you won’t be denting pontoons or snagging nearly as many cross-members.

Once you are ready to move on from there a Kustom Kicker Dock Monkey or Freak on a 7′ Medium Heavy baitcasting rod will be your next step. I have found these jig to be extremely easy to get a skip worthy of having in my arsenal. I usually pair that 7′ MH with 30lb Fluorobraid, fishing this as a reaction bait has yielded more strikes for me than it has slowly jigging the lure back.

The technique itself is a simply roll cast with the exception of the release point, you want the lure to be as close to the water as possible when release, this will achieve maximum distance and you will hopefully be able to skip it upwards of four or five times once you get the technique down. With the spinning setup you may also be able to get a great backhand skip that most other anglers simply cannot mimic. A word of caution though, expect to be picking out bird nests for the first few days and be extra careful when trying to skip in more than a light ripple, waves have a major effect on your skipping.

The whole idea is to get where other anglers can’t so hit the water and PRACTICE! Good luck out there and don’t forget to share your pictures with us!

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