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A large portion of the fishing industry listens to country music, but is that handful of songs really enough to jam to while you pull in that monster bass? I think not, I have spent countless hours tracking down music for the angling society. Everybody knows Jason Aldean, he is one of the most notable recent country singer. Many people however haven’t heard of one of his writers, Rodney Clawson. Rodney Clawson is one of the featured artists over at I have compiled a list of songs for your trip out on the water.

1. Tacklebox – Luke Bryan
2. You’d Think It’d Get Old – Rodney Clawson
3. Stix – Abel Kane
4. Today Might Be The Day – Rodney Clawson
5. The Bass Tournament Song – Rodney Clawson
6. Fisherman – Casey Ashley
7. I’m Gunna Miss Her – Brad Paisley
8. Catch All The Fish – Brad Paisley
9. The Five Pound Bass – Robert Earl Keen
10. Fishing In The Dark – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
11. Cledus Take The Reel – Tim Hawkins
12. One Pike, Two Pike – Shad-Rapp
13. Get That Bass – Shad-Rapp
14. Bass Fishing – Ray Stevens
15. Ol’ Duck Blind – Brad Cotter
16. Camouflage – Rodney Clawsone

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for other anglers being jealous of your playlist.

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