Shimano Citica 200G: Yet Another Success Story

When it comes to reels one of the major powerhouses over the past 10 years has been the Shimano Citica, and that is what we will be focusing on today. The Citica has been a great option for beginning tournament anglers for years and the new 200G6 is no exception.

I have personally owned a few Citicas over the years, starting with the first one offered. Though that one was a little bulky by today’s standards it has been an old favorite for years. Every new model has gotten better and this one is no exception.  When I first got my hands wrapped around this one it was like shaking hands with an old friend that has lost some weight and got in better shape than ever before.

I like to use the Citica mainly under two circumstances; the first is if i need to cast a light lure a long distance, the second is if i am going to use the same lure for a long period of time. The ability of the Citica to cast a lure effortlessly at distance makes it very comfortable for all day use. At the $130 price point you will be hard pressed to find a better reel for all around use.

The Citica features parts and pieces most other reels in its price point also possess but there is just something about how the Citica does it that makes it all feel so right when it comes together. Take the aluminum frame for instance, that being paired with the lightweight graphite sideplates is nothing new to the reel industry but Shimano put it together in a way that feels like you could drop it time-and-time again and not have to ever worry about cracking a sideplate. Perhaps my favorite feature though is something that every reel has to have but Shimano does something with their magic at the factory, the QuickFire II clutch bar, there is just something about it that “clicks” and makes casting more intuitive.

On the inside of the reel Shimino implements their standard High Efficiency Gearing which even when matched with a light rod it still has the power to move monster northern pike. The HEG being paired with the lo-mass drilled spool gives anglers a great setup to begin with if you are going to be on the water 6 days a week, 8 hours at a crack. Once the lure hits the water though that is where the Super Stopper and Assist Stopper systems come into play to reduce anti-reverse issues that can be present on the lower-end reels. This is all made silky smooth with 3 shielded stainless ball bearings and a dartanium drag system.

We tested the Citica on a wide variety of rods from the bottom of the scale to the top and in every situation it proved to be a strong competitor in the $130 price point. The reel does come in at a stout 7.5oz which is half an ounce lighter than most and uses a maximum of 11lb drag. The 200G6 is the 6.5:1 which cranks in 27 inches per turn of its 120yd spool of 50lb Power Pro, this is the day-in-day-out speed we prefer. Shimano hit on another great product with the Citica 200G series.

Overall I would say the Citica would be a great addition to a newer tournament angler’s rig or on a guide boat. For $130 it really is hard to go wrong with the Citica 200G series.

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