Shimano Caenan, Its Full of Finesse

The Shimano Caenan is quite possibly the premier choice for people just getting into the sport of bass fishing; it’s light, cheap, and effective. I firmly believe that the Caenan should be on the list for a first baitcasting reel for a new angler. Shimano did an excellent job at reducing the weight to reduce fatigue on new anglers.

The Caenan comes in at a super light 7.2oz, this allows it to reduce the fatigue on the angler, which will in turn make it easier to pick up and use all day long. While using it all day long there is nothing more annoying than backlash, it seems Shimano has thought this through as well, providing new anglers with an easily castable reel at a low price. But hey, you can make it even better by taking the time to properly set the brake system and the spool tension.

Shimano pulled out all the stops when it comes to making this reel easily accessible to every angler, with a price point around $90 it is hard to go wrong. When this reel was put together they thought out everything, the weight, the tech, and the size. We decided to couple this reel to a 6′ 6″ Shimano Convergence; this allowed us to create a setup that would take the position of a finesse setup.

The Caenan is a well throughout reel for new and veteran anglers alike. This reel is jam-packed with assists and anti-reverse technology that will help to reduce backlash and help to throw those lighter baits. Shimano decided to do something a little different though, they put on EVA foam handles, while they do feel odd at first it is nice to have something to really grip on to. Take it from us, you are going to need to get that grip solid, we spooled it as specified on the side of the feel with 30lb PowerPro, the cool thing about this is you can feel the environment in the reel itself.

Overall we would say the Caenan is a good reel for finesse tactics and new anglers, for $90 it is a must have for your day out on the water.

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