Seira Minnow; A Jackall In Disguise

When out on the lake you usually want to throw something that creates as much of a racket as possible, right? Sorry to disappoint y’all but how often do you actually see baitfish flopping around like that in the water when they are relaxed and unsuspecting of larger game fish, most likely never. Well, the geniuses over at Jackall noticed this and decided to team up with their pro-staff to develop the Seira Minnow 80S, possibly one of the most revolutionary ideas to hit American waters since the Zara Spook!

In order to get the most lifelike appearance in the water Jackall developed a lure that uses something called i-motion. This is a rather interesting approach to making tackle, they looked to make a lifelike looking minnow lure with no action, and the result is stunning. The issue that many companies would have with this idea is the stability, but Jackall found a way to make it super stable and even more lifelike than the swimbaits that every clear water angler uses. In order to get the best stability and realism out of the Seira Minnow they decided to make the water be taken in through the mouth and be expelled through the gills, like a real baitfish. The cool thing about this method of moving water is that the bass can feel this in their lateral line, it creates a super real disturbance in the water. To stabilize the rear however they needed to go with a traditionally beautiful tactic of using a marabou tail, a hook wrapped with cloth material, this not only puts stability in the rear of the bait but it also give the appearance of a tail, it even sways just a little while it sits still, giving it style at all speeds!

When it comes to style Jackall has you covered! When we were looking at the Seira Minnow we had a hard time choosing a color, mainly because they are all insanely gorgeous, but we decided to go with the SG Threadfin Shad based purely on our personal preference. The paint that Jackall used on these minnows is absolutely amazing, the use of pearls and metallics really makes this lure pop, especially when used in conjunction with the clear body. Through the clear body though you can see the weight system, this system is beneficial in more than just a few ways, but the main benefit of this system is the ability to cast it farther.

The ability to mimic a real baitfish will allow any angler to get those highly pressured bass. Thanks to Jackall for producing tackle that can look like an easy meal, this is truly revolutionary for anglers outside of Japan. We can’t wait to see what else makes the voyage from Japan to the rest of us!

Get yours now by clicking the image below!

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