Sebile D&S Crank Review

Crankbaits; they are everywhere and more often than not that all appear to be nearly the same thing, but there are a few out there that truly grab your attention. The Sebile D&S Crank is an excellent example of this. Utilizing only a single hidden hook it is something many anglers have questions about and something not many anglers are willing to take a chance on, that is until after they throw it once or twice.

I can you hear you now, “Hidden hook you say”, yeah, a hidden hook. Patrick Sebile is one of those guys that can’t leave good things well-enough alone, but that is how we keep on pushing for newer and better products. If you are new to the industry and don’t know about Patrick Sebile, the guy is a living legend, in 2011 the Sebile company grabbed its 14th ICAST award in 3-years, and I’m sure by now Sebile is cooking up something new that we will be seeing in 2013 that will blow our minds.

Back on topic, the D&S Crank. Featuring a large body and large bill it is able to get down to 20-28ft depending on your line, speed, and distance. My personal preference for this deep crank actually is slowly dragging like a jig across the bottom from 1ft all the way down to 20ft. This is where the single hidden hook really comes into play. I’ll be honest, looking at the design I was concerned that the hook wouldn’t actually get the fish but when I got the D&S in hand it seemed obvious, how easily the hook moved up and down which means the bite doesn’t have the be vicious like if it was on a spring system.

Coming in at 2 ¾” it is on the larger side but it isn’t something that you would say is “too big” to catch numbers of fish, that coupled with the 7/8oz weight you are able to really wing the D&S out there which means you can get it down deeper. It is also important to mention the D&S floats, but it seemed to be it barely floated which allows you to get it to its desired depth faster. I also would mention that the hook up radio isn’t 100% in open water, but that is to be expected with the lack of a front hook, where it really shines is fishing for bass in vegetation or chasing fish like muskie, pike, and salmon. I have also been told it works great for a variety of saltwater species.

If you are interested in the D&S Crank check it out at Sebile USA and find your local dealer!

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