Sebile Action First Squarebill Review: Confidence in Cranks


When you think about Sebile Lures you tend to think of a unique, well thought out product with a hefty price tag, right? That’s only half true now! Sebile rolled out their Action First lineup last year and we finally got our hands on a variety of these products; however we will be focusing on the squarebill for the time being.

Back in February we headed down for the Bassmaster Classic but while down there we hooked up with Capt Jake Davis of Mid South Bass Guide to hit the water. Hitting the water hard was our plan, and our plan held up.

Beginning the day fishing staples in the Guntersville lineup we grabbed a couple of small fish but the Action First Squarebill shined within three casts, and within five I had two fish in the boat. The Sebile Squarebill reminds me heavily of my father’s go-to but we’ll leave that for another time. From there we moved on to another spot that was really into the Squarebill’s liking. Running roughly 30 fish an hour while other crankbaits produced 3 or 4 during the same timeframe, and I’ve got an idea why.

The Squarebill is a flat sided, tight action crankbait that features an external weight system much like the high dollar Japanese imports. The rattles are loud and brash which acts a dinner bell when ripping through the grass like we were down on G-Ville. Perhaps the most impressive part of the bait is the hooks.

Rarely do I think to myself “I think I’ll keep these hooks on.” The hooks on the Squarebill are a little small but I had an excellent hookup ratio and only dropped one fish. With all of that being said I absolutely love this bait, it will more than likely be a permanent staple in my tackle box and for just $6.95 the price point is right.

The Sebile Action First Squarebill is available in 12 colors, all in 3/8oz and 2 1/2″ getting down to 2-4ft.

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