Saying Goodbye and Looking Ahead with Kendra Mueller

After an eventful season of ice fishing braving the brutal cold temperatures and skin chapping wind most of us have this love hate relationship with the closing of the ice fishing season. Do we make one last brave trek over the broken iced shores to catch a limit just one more time; or is it time to pack up the winter gear and prepare for the spring fishing season? I for one have been struggling with saying goodbye and may travel a few hours north to close out things in Cadillac, MI. I will be spending some time on the phone checking ice conditions and if all is looking safe a road trip will be soon ahead of me.

11070804_10152817603541025_3793663045059928368_n   The following days will be spent preparing where to head to make the most of my time prior to the opening of bass season. There are so many choices of places to go and species to target. Do I head to Allegan or Berrien Springs and try my hand at hooking into a monstrous steelie or maybe scope out Branch County to locate mammoth crappie? Lake St. Clair sounds like another first-rate option to spend a day catching walleyes. If I’m in for a hectic day with limited hours, a quick trip to Livingston county’s plenteous inland lakes to find abundant big gills would be another worthy way to get my fishing fix in.

I am sad to say goodbye to Ice fishing after a season full of remarkable experiences and meeting some of the finest fishermen in the country. But I am highly anxious to welcome the open water season. It will be full of thrilling catches, exploration of new lakes and rivers and the meeting of countless new people. I hope to meet some of you through my journey and share many tremendous fish stories throughout the months to come.

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  1. Have enjoyed all your post this year, like you I have a love hate relationship with Sprig. But I am starting to get the boat and trailer ready. But already buying stuff for next years ice season.

  2. Nice article, Kendra.. I’m sure you will be able to write many more. Good job….

  3. I wasn’t able to ice fish at all because of a knee replacement. So I am so ready for soft water fishing. Good luck this spring.

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