Revo Premier; It’s Royalty

With so many anglers moving into the tournament circuits it is amazing to us to see so many of them ill-equipped. These anglers rely on their rods and reels to perform at their best for long periods of time and endure a lot of abuse. Abu Garcia recognizes this, which is why the Revo series was born. Once the Revo series was shown to be a proven system it was time to take the final step, thus the Premier was unleashed upon us.

Abu Garcia let the Premier out of its cage a few years back, and since then it has transformed into of one of the top mechanical beasts on the market. This mechanical wonder achieves its abilities by utilizing some of the most advanced materials on the market. The obvious when looking at this reel is the EVA grips that are connected to the compact bent-handle and the start drag controller. That star controls one of the most advanced drag systems out there; Abu Garcia stuffed in the ever-so epic Carbon Matrix drag system that allows for super smooth drag. Once you get past the drag system you then come to the Inifini II spool design, this allows for extended castability and strength for extreme loads, this wouldn’t be possible without the superior aircraft grade aluminum spool. Continuing on we move over to the Infini brake design that aids in giving the angler precise casting control. All of these goodies are put into ultra-smooth action by the help of the 9 stainless steel HPCR ball bearings and the corrosion resistant instant anti-reverse bearing. All of this is jammed inside of an X-Craftic Alloy frame and side plate that offers excellent corrosion resistance that only weighs 6.7oz.

I recently had the chance to check out all of these features out on the Lake Guntersville, and boy let me tell ya! Even when throwing into the 30mph winds I did not have a single backlash issue, it was simply astonishing! Throughout the day the reel only got smoother and smoother, this is a true testament to the excellence that Abu Garcia strives for in their products, but the proof of that is in the crest. Abu Garcia is the angling company to hold the crest of the “Purveyor to the Royal Swedish Court.” This tells us that the Premier is a reel fit for a king, shouldn’t you treat yourself like royalty when out on the water? Get yours now!

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