How to Remove a Bass Boat Rub Rail

100_5652So we do have an update! The shop now all of a sudden said they will fix the paint free of charge after they received word of what the project was for. Also, removing the rub rail and over the next week or so I will be sanding her down myself to make sure things are right before it goes back to paint.


Removing a rub rail on a bass boat is relevantly quick and easy, though it can quickly become a nightmare if you aren’t careful and strip out a screw head or two like we did. If that happens though there is nothing like a drill and a pair of pliers to get out of a bind!

Step 1: Remove End Caps
Step 2: Remove Inserts (Rope or Rigid inset)
Step 3: Remove Screws
Step 4: Remove Rub Rail

Step 4 should come along with step 3, the rub rail should fall off as you remove the screws.

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