Rebel Pop-R Iconic Top Water Action

This review of the Rebel Pop-R was one of the most fun that I have done in a long time, mostly because of the fact that it got me to spend some more time on the water with this iconic lure. Some things never go out of style and the Pop-R is one of those that may never lose its magic. As with most of the lures that make it past the 30 year mark versatility and effectiveness are key components to success.

The effectiveness of the Pop-R has been evident from the first test and as far as the versatility of the lure it has been and still is evolving. In the hands of expert professional fisherman this classic Rebel product has produced countless heavy bags of fish on waters all over this country and many others, and this is not likely to change any time soon. Zell Rowland is probably the most noted professional fisherman to use and endorse the Pop-R though you can be sure almost every tournament angler at one time or another has pulled one of these out of his tackle box to fill his limit. I know I have.

As I prepared to write this I spent some time in some of my older tackle boxes and was amazed at how many of these classic fish catchers I have purchased over the last 30 years. From the smallest to the largest and every one in between they have all showed signs of many fish being caught on them. The memories that these lures brought back were near endless. One in particular that stands out in my mind is the light blue Zell Rowland signature model on witch I caught the big bass for several tournaments in a row. After my last play day with the Pop-R many of my old ones have made their way back into my tournament rig.

The Pop-R is an iconic lure that can produce a variety of memories, including this banded bass on Gull Lake.
Don’t get me wrong in the hands of a novice fisherman the Pop-R is also very capable of bringing the fish of a lifetime into the boat. I guess that is why they have been so popular they can make anyone fish like a pro in this way they do not discriminate. They also do not discriminate the size of fish they catch, any size fish may hit the bait and this makes the action fast and furious. With any cadence they are effective but the key to big catches is to get the cadence just right. Sometimes the fish want the lure slow and steady with a long pause and sometimes they prefer the lure to never stop at all, either way the lure performs well. Really the only suggestion I have about fishing the lure is if you don’t yet know the cadence the fish are looking for on the day your fishing start by moving it rather fast and if that doesn’t work then try longer pauses. That way you are not wasting too much time letting the bait sit if it is not necessary.

One last note if you want to try the Rebel Pop-R for free just join and choose if off the list they will be more than happy to send you one, remember to log back on to tell Fishhound and Rebel what you think of the lure and then you will be able to pick out another free bait to try out, this is why Fishhound is the best deal in fishing. Please remember to put “Bad Poncho” in the promo code box to show your support so we can continue to bring you all the fishing info you can handle.

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