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Every angler knows the frustration of having to adjust their trailer, but few companies have done anything to remedy this annoyance. Well, somebody now has come out with a product that will help to eliminate the frustration and could even help you land more fish in a day.

When a tournament angler takes the time out of to readjust their trailer it takes roughly 2 seconds, if you figure they cast 768 times during an eight tournament day, lets say worst case scenario they save 1536 seconds, that’s a whopping 25.6 minutes spent playing with the trailer. That saved time could mean another limit’s worth of fish. While I can hear y’all saying, well that’s crap, so we took into account a little more realistic scenario, say every fifth cast. If every fifth cast the trailer gets pulled, we spend the same 2 seconds we are then spending 307.2 seconds per day or 5.12 minutes per day adjusting, that equates to an extra 8.19 casts per day.

Every Cast Readjust Every Fifth Cast Readjust
Number of Casts 768 768
Seconds Spent 1536 307.2
Minutes Spent 25.6 5.12
Extra Casts Lost 40.96 8.19

Trailer Hitch

The trailer hitch is designed to work with chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, and jigs. The major innovation we noted with this particular product is that it works with the Z-Man ElaZtech trailers, which will save the angler a metric tonne of time out on the water. Usually when you want to use any kind of trailer keeper with the ElaZtech products you have to heat the keeper with a lighter so that it melts through the plastic, but with this product all you have to do is push it through and the trailer is stuck, amazing.

We also tried these with our jigs, perhaps the most popular tackle used to catch bass out on the water, but how often do you have to slide that trailer back up after taking it through the grass and after it takes hits. Especially when you are flipping that jig next to structure and cover, the time saved could be a dozen more fish.

This hitch is a MUST have for any angler that uses a spinnerbait, chatterbait, and/or jig.

Bait Hitch

For many anglers the normal jig heads offers a trailer keeper that is rather, annoying. When rigging up worms or a grub on a jig head you are often forced to rig it in unconvential and awkward ways, just to ensure it doesn’t slide off. The bait hitch offers a unique design to keep the trailer on the jig head, something that has been needed for years.

Some readers I’m sure are saying “Well that isn’t required.” I challenge you to use that trailer keeper and then couple that with the bait hitch, see for yourself how much the bait hitch benefits your time out on the water.

Texas Rig Hitch

This is the hitch that I was most excited about, the texas rig hitch. The reason I am so excited for this hitch is because when using a EWG hook the worm often slides up the hook and line, causing me to use 5-10 seconds to position myself to slide the hook back down and rerig it. Now, the beautiful thing about these hitches are they make it so that the worm doesn’t slide up or down the hook, they make it so that all you have to do is rehook the bait, the time you save by only having to slide the hook point under the surface is absolutely unbelievable.

During our time playing with this we got it to work with swimbaits, weightless worms, frogs, and anything else you can texas rig. A must have for any angler.

Throughout our time looking over these hitches we kept saying “what a neat idea.” That ladies and gentlemen, means it is something you need to have, and can have for a very affordable $2.99 for 5 hitches, but if I were you, I would go for getting 5 of each hitches for $7.99.

If you want to check out these awesome products, check em out by clicking the image below.

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  1. Your review is “Spot ON” A while back, I had the pleasure of Field testing these…at first I was doubtful, however let me point a few things out here as to why they are always in the boat now…1. I do a lot of flippin they keep the trailer in place cast… after cast 2. It actually saves money…how you say? you will use less trailers, spend less time changing trailers and more time fishing both add wether your tournament fishing, guiding, or just plan ol’fun fishing. 3. As a guide it keeps my customers fishing more 4. the less time I’m messing with a lure the more time they are fishing. 5. Little guys (bait theves) have a hard time steeling your trailer. I found even after catching several 2-4 pound fish on the same trailer the trailer stayed in place and I was able to continue fishing. My clients have had nothing but good things to say about them. Now some are going to say I’m sponsored or on the HTS prostaff I’m not….but there is a link from my site to HTS if you need to order them. Capt. Jake Davis, Mid South Bass Guide

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