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Finesse fishing has been around since humanity first put bait on a hook and danced it around to entice the fish. Over the years baits have changed over time to the now standard finesse worm or your standard stick worm. Well, after so many years of seeing the same stick bait pushed out by several companies the geniuses over at ThereHeIs! Bait Company decided to do something a little different.

Most people are used to the plain ol’ stick baits that have been produced for year after year, but now we finally have some innovation that will change the way you will use and look at this kind of fishing. These guys are 5″ with a split going length-wise down one half of the body, allowing the “tail” to kind of slide around and make a little more action, but not too much to where it would be ridiculous. Many finesse anglers have been looking for a finesse worm that allows them to get solid action while allowing them to still use it like a finesse worm, well, here they are.

We finally had a chance a few nights ago to play with these in the water, being winter these aren’t very effective when fished on the top of ice. My mother became preoccupied with watching her weekly shows; during this time my father and I got sly and filled the kitchen sink. Now, by the time my mother got wise we were already acting like children in the bath, splashing water everywhere and giggling with joy because of how these worms behave in the water. Needless to say we got in trouble and had to clean up our mess.

Thankfully we had ample time to check out these worms, and let me tell you, they are sweet. The more we handle them the more we like them, we often will just crumple up the bag just to watch the worms move into place like real live worms, it can be kind of eerie at times. We received only 4 of the 8 colors and from the looks of it, every color needs to be in your arsenal and for $5.49/10pk there is no excuse for them not to be. To pick up these awesome finesse worms head on over to ThereHeIs! by clicking the image below.

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