Rate a Bait: Rippn-Lips – Rainbow Trout Red Eye

Perhaps one of the hottest baits in the recent years is the Red Eye Shad. The popularity of the Red Eye has made it become something on a showpiece in certain circles. The guys over at Rippn-Lips Tackle seem to agree with us, they even offer a Rainbow Trout Red Eye Shad

Most custom Red Eyes will use a base coat of white paint, but Rippn-Lips Tackle decided to go with a chrome base. The chrome base allows the Red Eye to not only look good but will help in a variety of conditions. The ability to keep the rattle tied on all day will allow you to keep it in the water, which means more changes to get the elusive big bass bonus.

In order to ensure you get that big bass Rippn-Lips Tackle threw on a red VMC hook on the front and a black VMC hook on the back. These hooks add another dimension to the bait, for example; the red hooks gives the illusion of a bleeding or injured Rainbow Trout, while the hook in the back seems to disappear in the water, especially when you are ripping it through the vegetation.

What more can we say about this trap? Well, it’s of hard to critique a bait that KVD uses. All we can really say is Rippn-Lips started with a strong baseline and strove to improve it, the result is pure money!

You might want to snag one up for yourself, with quality like this they won’t last long! Get yours by clicking the image below!

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