Rate a Bait: Minda Lures – Spear Craw

Over the years soft plastics have had little innovation, with some rather obvious exceptions. There is an issue, in our eyes anyway, nobody has really pushed a pitch-n-flip bait that is different, they are all the same beaver or rodent style bait. The guys over at Minda Lures decided to try something a little different, something a little more, modular.

The most interesting thing about Minda Lures is their drive to change what has been established as a standard in the industry. This ideology has lead them to produce a soft plastic lure that can have its characteristics change while you are out on the water. They achieved this by putting a rather deceiving air pocket in the head of the craw, at first glance you may think this pocket looks tiny, but you would be wrong. During our time with this craw we stuffed all kinds of things inside it, most importantly a rattle chamber, some foam, and even a sinker. While all of this modularity is good it isn’t totally needed. When settled on the bottom of the lake the craw looks to be in defensive mode with its body down and its pinchers up, adding foam only amplifies this.

While all that modularity and fancy stuff is cool there is yet another thing about this craw is its belly. The underside of the Spear Craw is concave, why you might ask, well sit tight and I’ll tell you. With the underside being concave it allows the craw to glide, giving it an even more realistic presentation that will match any finesse tactic. If you take the time to look at most beaver/rodent baits in a tank or in the water you will see they don’t really glide, the gliding motion coupled with the rattle chamber will make it look and sound like a real live craw, to even take it a step farther you could put some scent on some cotton and stuff that in there as well.

These craws do offer some other cool little features when rigged in certain ways. For instance, I cut off about an inch and a half and put it on my Chaotic Baits jig, when you have a rattle on the jig and in the craw, you can expect to make as much noise as possible, this caters to the lateral line of any and all species.

Overall if I was to pick a pitch-n-flip style, this would be it. After spending some time at the tank with the Spear Craw, I firmly believe this will at the very least preform as well if not better than the pitch-n-flip style baits on the market.

Check them out for yourself by clicking the image below.

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