Rate a Bait: Deadfish Rattl’N Dive

Recently our pro-staff member Giancarlo DeLutis got his hands on the new Deadfish company crankbaits. The Deadfish crankbaits have spread rather quickly throughout the country; this is a result of quality and price. Giancarlo took some notes for us, this is what he had to say.

Every angler loves the look of a high dollar crank but nobody likes to pay $16.99 for a crankbait, well, there is good news! The Deadfish cranks look like the high dollar ones but they come at a very acceptable price, how does $3.97 sound? Yeah, sounds good to us too, especially when you consider the body of the bait has a realistic scale mold and a beautiful holographic finish. The finish alone will help the angler keep the bait on in a variety of conditions due to color and flash.

The ability to use these cranks whenever wherever is a huge advantage, especially when looking at the price of them. Being able to keep a bait tied on throughout the day will help drastically when you are in it to win it. Another nifty feature of the Rattl’N Dive series is the bill, it comes with a short, angled modified square bill, one of my personal favorite designs, this allows for an erratic wobble that will trigger reaction strikes.

Once you get that strike though you are going to ensure you have solid hooks, well these ones rock! We believe they are VMC hooks but they have no branding anywhere but who cares when they are this sticky!

Overall from what Giancarlo has had a chance to check out these cranks are awesome, especially for $3.97. We look forward to hearing more about these cranks from our buddy up in Canada!

Check them out yourself by clicking the image below!

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  1. Glad to have worked with you man! more to come! it has been a pleasure.

    amazing read!

  2. Great review, well done Giancarlo & thank you BadPonchoOutdoors for the nice looking review page & links!

    Thank You,

    Scott D. Van Osdol
    The Deadfish Company

  3. Beautiful! I think i need to get my hands on some of those as well! And the price tag!? FANTASTIC!

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